Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Nail Art

  One thing I've started getting right into is nail art. Thanks to Tumblr, I've ended up with a slight obsession! So many creative ways to express yourself, all with a bit of paint and lacquer on the hard bits on the end of your fingers! I'd like to share some of my favourite pictures, some I've tried, from images I've sourced on the internet. If I can find any sources I'll of course add them (as I'm a bit of a source-nazi) but apologies if there are none! And of course a few of my favourite nail tutorials on our old friend YouTube.
Horror Nails
I love these! I did my own version with glitter (shown below)

Vampire nails!

This is just like a tiny Van Gough painting...beautiful.

Blood-spatter effect.

Food Themed Nails

Donut glaze!


Oreos...this looks brilliant!
Little watermelon-themed nails

 Patterned Nails

Red houndstooth

White houndstooth

Pink manicured, bow and polkadot, diamante detail
Pale pink and black polkadot with diamante and black bow cabochon detail
Salmon pink polkadot half-moon manicure with diamante bow details
Matte black and silver reverse manicure!

White and pink heart glitter detailed

Black and multicoloured glitter

Hot pink with lace pattern
Metallic teal with real lace!

Real lace on nude with small pearl and floral details..so delicate!

Shimmery pearl colour with gyaru-style rose and bow cabochons and pearls

Nude manicure with pastel colours, star stick-on patterns and pearly stars!

Fun Nails!

Corset manicure - one of my personal favourites!

Tuxedo manicure!

Cows! This is so adorable...

these are beautiful - butterfly wings
Glittery with bow transfers

Friday, 11 March 2011

Pink Lady

Pink Lady
Pink Lady by steelandlace featuring glass shades

Soft pinks, with black detailing. Very retro, Frenchie would be proud!

First Post!

 I think this is where I'm supposed to write about 'popping my blogspot cherry' or something like that?
I'm Amii, hello, hi, how are you doing, etc.

 I decided to start up this blog for a number of reasons. I love fashion, and used to be incredibly comfortable in my own style when I was younger. I wore the most out-there clothes and bizarre styles (which funnily enough, the tamest of some of my outfits included ripped thigh highs and Doc Martens, which are in style now...strange!) and felt so confident in myself and my appearance. When I fell pregnant, I immediately became self conscious of what I was wearing, what my hair was like, etc. I grew out my mohawk, and wore plain Jane clothing that at least fit my growing bump. When Brandon was born,  I was more 'Momma' than I was 'Amii', which is such a bizarre thing - for months I felt as if I was living in someone else's skin, playing out their life as if it were a movie. After getting used to being a parent, adapting to that life, I felt I could relax a little and try to find time to be myself again...and found I'd almost lost who I was completely. So I created this blog to document my journey of finding myself again. Now Brandon is turning one, I feel like it's time I really did take some 'me' moments without feeling guilty about it. I'm getting back into waist-training, I'm growing my hair long, and discovering how to do make-up again - proper make up, not smeared-black kohl as I was used to! So really its about me finding myself, discovering who this 'new Amii' is and learning to love her, every inch . I want to push myself out there when I feel ready, and try new things I'd never thought I would - like heels with socks, haha!
 This blog will include:
  • Tales of my waist training journey, snippets and pictures and sites of corsets and tips on how you can train your waist safely
  • Everyday and special occasion fashion I wear, how I'm finding it etc.
  • Make up tips, tricks and tutorials - I'm finding I'm getting better each time I try it which feels fantastic!
  • My on-going and seemingly never-ending battle with my hair...
  • And the odd update on our family life, body modification news and how my piercing apprenticeship is going!
If you've made it this far, congratulations, I had NO idea I would write this much! But thankyou for reading. Hopefully I can keep this up and when I look back in a year or so's time I can see how far I've come on with my confidence :)