Friday, 8 April 2011

Corsets Galore!

 I've been waist training for the past 4 years. I had to stop whilst pregnant, and haven't been recently, as we've been moving house (hence the total lack of posts - I still haven't posted B's birthday post!). But I love it. I love everything about corsets: the feel of being constricted, knowing that even underneath clothes you have the most beautiful, flattering hourglass shape. I love the feeling of having rigid spiral steel bones holding me up and giving me perfect posture, perky boobies, and a tiny tiny waist. I love the variety of shapes, styles, fabrics and looks of corsets. Most of all though, I love the feeling that corsets give me, that totally unhinged confidence that I feel whenever I wear them. I rarely wear mine on top of clothing, on view, but even then I feel amazing, I feel so unbelievably feminine and sensuous. Whenever I do wear one and it's visible, I always get comments on it. "What's that you're wearing?" "What does it do?" "That's beautiful!" "What's the point?"
 The latter question always piques my interest! I love explaining to people about why I decide to restrict and train my waist. And for some reason they always come round to the idea.
 For the sake of this blog, I'll list my reasons:
  • I love the feeling of being laced tightly. Love. It. I'm not entirely sure, I'm pretty sure it's a slight sado/maso undertone to the whole thing, but I love the feeling - it's almost like being in control and being controlled at the same time. It's empowering and like I'm being handed the power to be in control of my own body and how I look. I like the fact that I can control and train my shape - when it comes down to it, it's my body, and it does what I tell it!
  • I long for an hourglass figure. But not a natural one; an incredibly overexaggerated one! My measurements are now 38.5"-33"-38" so my ultimate goal is to reach an 18" waist - it would look so ridiculous but amazing at the same time in my opinion. That whole 50's over-emphasized female form, the stereotype hourglass figure, almost cartoony (think Jessica Rabbit and Betty Boop), is rarely achieved naturally (and for those of you with those proportions - well done you! Be proud of your beautiful body!)  so I'd gladly attempt to achieve it by means of training my waist.
  • I believe corsets look beautiful. Just simply put, I think they're beautiful. Whether it's a department store basque, or underwear-as-outerwear, or a 20-boned 24" corset, I appreciate them in all shapes and forms. From Victorian tight-lacing to retro control-undies, I think they're amazing!
 I personally think everyone should have some form of a corset in their wardrobe! Honestly, the confidence and feminity that comes along with wearing a well-fitted corset is unbelievable. Here's some sites that I've found sell the best quality and style of corsetry, depending of your taste of course!
What Katie Did
Fairy Gothmother
Snobz - I have my own 24" Snobz corset from when I was slimmer, they're amazing!
Dollflesh I have a 22" custom corset from this woman - it's truly beautiful, and makes me feel fantastic whenever I wear it!

So there's a wee example of what you can find on the internet as for corset providers. I really really highly recommend them! They are the ultimate accessory for your inner siren, and for you waist-trainer afficiandos, I have a future post coming soon on the do's, dont's, tips and tricks to safe and fun waist training!
Take care