Thursday, 30 June 2011

June Wishlist.

As is the usual, when you're skint you always see the things you want - and they're always on limited offer. I may have splashed out too much on myself this month, I got carried away with actually having cash, and Father's Day was yesterday as well so things got bought with that...yes, it's been a month of spending!
So, my wishlist this month?

1 - A floral tea dress.

I'm not a flowery person, nor am I a tea-dress kind of girl (although goddamn, do I love tea)...but this wee dress from Primark looks fantastic. it has an authentic vintage feel to it, unlike a lot of high street brands which 'try' to be vintage and end up just looking tacky. The pastel yellows and greens against the soft cream background combined with the floaty fabric of the skirt makes it seem just perfect for summer. Not even going to lie, I really want one...!

2 - A new make up bag!

I'm a collector, a hoarder, and I tend to keep things until they're totally done in (aka Andrew gets sick of the sight of my tatty belongings and bins them) I'm in dire need of a new makeup bag. And this gorgeous wee Nick & Nora one for £7 out TK Maxx seems lovely! It has a cute key and lock pattern (two things I have a strange obsession with...) and even little tiny keys as zippers! The bags themselves are pretty decently sized, and the price is fantastic.

Enough said.

4 - A wig...

DON'T YOU DARE JUDGE ME. I want to do new and different things to my hair but don't want to suffer the other words, ruining my attempts to grow my hair and keep it healthy. So I was speaking to my hairdresser this afternoon (yes! I finally got my hair trimmed! personal acheivment!) and she says she's obsessed with them. I'd always wanted a few so I could have different hair for different things, but didn't know where to even start looking for decent ones. She gave me an ebay username who she always bought them from, and now my dream of looking like some form of the Little Mermaid may come true. (What did I say about not judging me, ae?)

5 -Bordello heels!

I loved these from the minute I saw the gorgeous Paloma Faith wearing these a few years ago. I'm coveting like three pairs at the minute, but especially these "Ruby Slipper" style ones. It's like what Dorothy would wear if Oz was a stripclub. They ain't cheap at nearly £70 a pop, but they look so worth it!

What have been on your wishlists this month? :)
Thanks for reading, take care xxx


I love the summer. Even if we don't really have much of a summer in Scotland this year! Anyway, I want to tell you all about some awesome things I found this week.

First off, this hot fudge body scrub - from Asda for £5! I used this for the first time the other night and it smells AMAZING. And it's made my skin feel so soft, which is no mean feat because I've had bad skin on my arms and legs since I was tiny, so I think the tiny exfoliating beads are really helping.

Next up, my favourite haircare brand, Aussie! Asda (again) are doing them for £3 a bottle for the majority of the range, which includes old favourites like the Colour Mate range and the 3 Minute Miracle, while they're usually £3.95 and up.

This week I received a package from my lovely friend Natalie who runs a sweet Etsy shop ( new corset! 24" overbust with a sweetheart cut, 14 spiral steel bones with a modesty panel. It's a really deep rich purple colour with black stripes and brocade patterned along the bust. Its gorgeous! Thankyouuu!

I'll end this post with what I'm adding to my wishlist this week: the Stargazer brush set! All the brushes I could ever need, the only thing putting me off is the price, so I'm scouring Amazon at the minute for a decent brush set (needs to have a good few different eyeshadow brushes!) Under £25.

Do any of you have any favourite brush brands? If so, what are they and why? :)

Thanks for reading :)
(Ps, I just posted that picture of me and Andrew as we don't get a lot of time alone anymore, it was super sunny, and I wanted to show off my new sunnies!)
Take care xxx

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Outfit Of The Month: May Edition

Dress: New Look, £15 on sale

Pocketwatch pearl necklace: New Look, £7.99

Swallows necklace: Hellfire Couture (a fantastic shop in Queen St, Glasgow!), £13

Cameo: from a pair of shorts from Internacionale, which were £18

Belt: Primark, £3 (more than 5 years ago!)

Bow: Internacionale, £1.50 in the sale 2 years ago

Nude stockings with black seam: Ann Summers, as a present from one of my best friends Lucy (she knows me so well! Helps that she works for them!), the sussie belt and underwear was all Ann Summers too, the Dita collection (I'll post a link soon! My favourite underwear!)

Lace ankle socks: New Look, £1 on sale!

Red patent lace up heels: Priceless Shoes, £4 on sale three years ago.

Okay, okay, so this is SLIGHTLY late, and considering this was taken in March, but I think this was the last time I had really made any effort with my outfit haha!
I tend to recycle clothes a lot - I won't buy anything new unless I've totally exhausted everything in my wardrobe and I'm sick of the sight of it! But as soon as I saw this dress in NL I knew I HAD to have it, and managed to contain myself for a month or so until it was on offer! New Look seems to have a more retro, 50's style grasp of the peter pan collar style, so the clothes they release tend to seem a lot more lasting and timeless than say Topshop or Zara's you could wear this dress in a year and you wouldn't think "Goodness sake, this is so outdated!" Especially not as its typical Amii-clothing: black, spotty, and cute! So this dress is a definite key piece in my wardrobe.

I didn't realise until I chose this picture that you can't see the shoes...! So here's a close up of them. They're one of my favourite pairs of heels, one of my first I ever owned too! I bought them on a whim while looking for stuff to dress up as Little Dead Riding Hood when I was 16, from a small shoe shop in our local shopping centre. The heel size is perfect - just tall enough to give height without killing my feet, and a thick heel so I can balance and not wibble wobble and break my ankle! The little ribbon to tie it closed is really cute as well, I love them.

This photo is from a girl's night we had in March as I said, so I don't really have any detailed images of the whole of my outfit. But looking at my make up, that was back when I had red eyebrows (don't ask, drunken idea - turned out great though!) And wanted to darken them for that night...and boy did they go dark, that's liquid eyeliner on them!
Anyway, thankyou for listening to me ramble! This was my first OOTD post, I'm not too sure how its going to come out, they'll be a lot better in future once I have my internet in and my camera all fired up!


Monday, 13 June 2011

FEATURE: Raffles Bizarre!

Pearls and swallows necklace, £15

 This is my very first feature, and it's on none other than the beautiful Miss Jess Heath, the owner and creator of jewellery site Raffles Bizarre! Full of cutesy, modern, and wholly inspiring and sensational designs, RB really does have something for everyone. Everything is well made and decently priced and you can tell by the attention to detail and the thoroughness of the design that RB are passionate about what they do. Some of their most popular ranges are the Navajo collection, perfect for lazy summer days and festivals, with gleaming blue and green stones, feathers and charms, the Horror collection with it's deliciously kitsch Halloween-esque earrings and camp statement necklaces, and the Buttons range, which is a mix of colour and depth with buttons of all shapes and sizes.

 I caught up with Jess to have a natter!

Add caption

Hi Jess! So when did you start showing an interest in making your own jewellery? Have you always been pretty creative?

 Jess: I began toying with the idea of jewellery making when I was in my second year of uni in 2007. I've always been very arts and crafts orientated and would always make little bits and pieces for myself to wear or as presents for family and friends. I've also always had an interest in mixed media and random objects I find, so jewellery is fun to experiment with!

When did you decide to open RB? Was it an easy decision, and did you have to make any sacrifices to keep the business running?

 J: 2007 was also when I started up RB, and I began by putting it on Myspace, which was popular amongst my target age group at the time. Being a free platform, it was a good place to find out if people would actually want to spend money on what I was making. I didn't have to many any sacrifices thankfully, and because the business really took off over Myspace the decision to take it further and get a website was an easy one.

  Your designs are so unique, where do you pull your inspiration from, for example for the Circus Freaks or Navajo collections?

 J:  I love to do a bit of everything really, whether it's my jewellery or making mini top hats and accessories...or drawing and painting, sculpting or photography! I have a degree in Model Design and Special Effects, and I'm a big film buff, and I also work as a freelance make up artists whenever I have the time.

 You're clearly a creative person, judging by all the jewellery and the art on your site! Are there any other ways you express yourself?

  J: Yeah, as you can probably tell by the sheer amount of products on RB I have trouble narrowing down what I make to just a few specific collections...! I get inspired by absolutely everything and just make whatever comes into my head. As small as they collection may be just now, the Circus Freaks range is probably one of my favourites - I love the weird and wonderful, things like creepy carnivals and freak shows have always interested me. As for the Navajo range, I've had family and been traveling to Canada since I was young and my mum is a big fan of Native American jewellery, so I naturally developed an interest. I had bits and pieces of turquoise or feather charms I'd collected over the years, so when the Navajo trend started up it was the perfect time to put them to use.

 What advice would you have to anyone looking to start their own business, such as jewellery making or selling their art like yourself?

 J: I'd just say be as creative as you can! There are a hell of a lot of us out there and it's really competitive, no one needs more of the same any more, so be original! In the current climate it can be hard to make money from small businesses, but if you love your craft, persevere, take a risk, and it may just pay off.

  It's not only necklaces and bracelets that Raffles Bizarre has to offer, they also sell art, little mini top hats, brooches and pins, hair accessories and dream catchers, a really .
Pop onto the site today and use my exclusive discount code SCARLETPOUT and get 10% off any order until midnight on Sunday the 19th of June!

Thanks for reading, take care x

Pastel Statement Button Necklace, £15

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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Beauty Routine: Hair

I'm going to start posting what I do as part of my beauty regime, including reviews of products, good tips etc. This week, its my hair routine I'll be showing you :)

Very recently, I dyed my hair dark again, and resolved to take much better care of it. I was in Boots buying more semi-permanent dye for next months' touch-up when I noticed a "3 for £9" deal - and when it comes to Aussie products, I'll take all the deals running! I wash my hair every three days, and alternate between the Miracle Moist conditioner and 3 Minute Miracle treatment. The Miracle Moist smells fantastic, like sweeties, and always leaves my hair with a nice shine, and the matching shampoo is really good too - I can feel the difference after rinsing, whereas with most shampoos you don't really feel any cleaner/more nourished until after you've conditioned. I think that's a lot to do with their special ingredient: macadamia oil. A friend of mine called Emma gave me this tiny little bottle of said oil, and said it had worked wonders on her hair (like me she had ruined her hair from bleaching and was serious about her hair products). So I popped a couple of drops in my Lee Stafford conditioning balm (what I used to use, I found it was good for a quick fix but didn't hold long term results) and left it in to work for 4 or so minutes. I washed it out, and done my usual, left it to dry naturally as I'm trying to use as little heat on my hair as possible. In the morning I was amazed - my hair had felt the softest it had in ages, barely any tangles, hardly any frizzy straw ends, and it brushed easily!

Now, I combine my 3 Minute Miracle reconstruction treatment with a few drops of the oil (as that conditioner doesn't contain any) and leave it for about 5-7 minutes as my hair is SEVERELY damaged, and then gently wash it out and let it air-dry. Since I've been doing this twice a week for the past three weeks, I've saw such a difference in my hair - its so much shinier, when I brush it not even half of what used to break away does, and it generally just feels like real hair again!

Macadamia Oil is retailing in online stores, especially for afro-caribbean hair, and it's roughly £3 for the bottle - but it lasts for ages! And I even pop a drop on my hands to smooth it over my hair before I go out, not to mention it smells amazing!

Sunday, 5 June 2011


 Soon I hope to start featuring and reviewing companies and their products...I already have a few leads, I'm pretty excited about this! I'll keep you all posted x

This is a big day for me...

... I've officially just done something that I've never done before, and never thought I would. I purchased this beaut of a maxi dress. I'm not a dressy person, definetely not, but I saw this while window shopping with my friend Sakura, and she's convinced me to get it. It's not something I would normally wear either, and it's not black (!!!) and it's long, floaty, revealing...and well, feminine, and totally out of my comfort zone. But this year is a year of breaking barriers and bursting free, especially comfort zones, and I feel like I should be able to wear what I want without worrying if I look pregnant in it, or worrying if I how short I appear in it, or worrying if I seem to be like mutton dressed as lamb (or in the reverse order in my case!) I constantly just freak out about my appearance. I'm not comfortable in my own skin, and I don't really feel like a woman, I still feel like a gawky awkward 12 year old, and whenever I do try to dress my age I don't really feel comfortable in it. But this dress...I feel like it could change this. Normally dresses are just too short or too low cut, but this is perfect - feminine, pretty, without showing off too much, and it can be dressed down for a stroll through the town or glammed up for the evening. I had a troll through the Quiz website and found some proper gems to go along with it, including these shoes from New Look, this bracelet (and this one too!)
 I wore it for the first time today, and felt terrific...I'll post a picture this week!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


 Hello! Long time no post! Good reasons though, my computer will be back up and running within the next few weeks so more pictures, hurrah!

So, I may or may not have posted before about my hair problems. Incredibly long and weepy (for me) story short, I have had non-stop problems with my hair. I seem to have found the solution...

 In my last post (which might still be in a draft come to think of it!) I mentioned how my hair is the colour of fire and the style and texture? Put it this way, I looked like Simba had went mental with some paint. But two weeks ago I dyed my hair back to a deep brown/black colour, to try and get some of the shine and condition back in it. It seemed to help a little. Then I was pointed in the direction of an amazing hair product called Macadamia Oil. When I have a bit more time tonight I'll update this post with the link to the site. Basically, I popped two or three drops into my bi-weekly hair conditioning treatment (which I'll be reviewing tonight too!) and massaged it in gently, and left it for 5-7 minutes. Washed it out carefully, and let it dry naturally (I don't like using heat much on my hair.) And result?
I would recomend this to anyone who has been struggling with their hair. I have deep damage to the ends due to drunken bleach parties, and this has conditioned them so deeply that they have barely been snapping off. Next up, I'll be tracking my progress on finding a style that suits me (or well my favourites anyway!) and how my progress with sea kelp pills for hair growth is going on :)
Take care