Monday, 15 August 2011

FEATURE: Sweet Delirium!

One of Sweet Delirium's beautiful 3D wall-art boxes

 Sweet Delirium Jewellery is like a Grimm's fairytale: dark, sweetly mysterious, and with a hint of Victorian elegance. Full to the brim of delicate bird skulls, feathers, medical equipment and sparkly brass and silver goodies, you can almost see it trading business in the back of a little apothecary on the foggy London streets in the late 1800's. It's run by Elspeth Oram, a working mum from , who kindly gave up some of her time to give me a wee interview!

Octopus cameo necklace

Real vintage syringe necklace

Hi, Elpeth! How did the idea of jewellery making come about?
Elspeth: I have always wanted to work with jewellery, haven't had the time until recently, so when the opportunity arose, I knew it was a good chance to make a start on designing and seeing how it went.
Clay tentacle ear jewellery

 How did it come about? Did you just up and decide to do it one day, or was it transitional? Was it an easy decision?
E: At first I experimented with polymer clay, beads, wire and feathers, though I soon moved onto working with skulls, which is now my main focus, along with antique items and oddities!

What would you say are your trademarks within your designs? Is there one key component that flows through them all?
E: My trademark pieces involve real animal skulls, wings, roses, and vinatge items. I love how skulls look, and I find that the macabre element of them alongside the beautiful element of roses works really well.

What are your favourite pieces? What are your favourite collections?
E: My personal favorite pieces are the 'Salvation and Damnation' necklaces. I put a lot of design work into them, and I'm very pleased with how they have turned out.

One of the "Damnation" collection, made with
black lacquered magpie skull and real magpie feathers!
Have you always been arty? What kind of things did you get up to before you started on SD?
E: I have always been a creative arty person. I have trained in tattooing, worked as a tattooist for 3 years, alongside being a body piercer, which I did for 8 years until this year, when I felt it was time for a change

"Ouija" Necklace, side one...
...and side two!
 I know you love using animal skulls as part of your necklaces, art boxes etc. What inspired you to do this?
E: I can't explain the inspiration to use animal skulls in my designs, and can't remember the thought process behind the first one, although it was relatively recently. I'm glad to have found a niche in such a huge jewellery market, and as the skulls are all ethically sourced, there is no backlash from animal lovers etc. I am an animal lover, and would never intentionally harm any creature for my work, or for any other reason for that matter, I just believe that my pieces are works of art, and skulls are a very beautiful thing!

Real beetle taxidermy with little flowers on a cute tiny top hat!
This girl really outdoes can almost see her thought process through her designs; what's inspired her and what's motivated her. Not only does she make jewellery, she also does custom art boxes, with keepsakes or themes to them (a popular one is Alice in Wonderland!). In October she'll be working the UK's first female artist convention in Leamington, in addition to this she's just returned from Tattoo Jam!
If you're looking to get one of her gorgeous designs, she also does custom made jewellery/ take advantage of the fact she's willing to refund postage if you quote BLOG at the checkout on her Folksy store!

Thanks for reading guys x

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Crafty Amii? No Way!

 I have to say I've been considering getting a sewing machine for some time, Nearly every single item of clothing I own doesn't fit right and/or it needs tweaking for me to love it really. I'd love to have little projects to do in the winter when it snows and we can't go out and Brandon's first one? Quilting.

 I've been talking about doing this for a while; making a huge quilt for Brandon out of all of our old band tees, because they're just lying there not doing anything for anyone - Andrew honestly has 10 or soIron Maiden t shirts, I have four or five Misfits ones, two HIM ones, various old punk band shirts, and Andrew of course has the usual As Blood Runs Black/Suicide Silence/I Killed The Prom Queen etc etc. I'm pretty sure as well, between us, we have about 6 Atreyu shirts as well. Oh to be 15 again! So really, we could be making some use out of them - like a baby metalhead quilt for Brandon! He's surrounded by this kind of music every single day, and I'll be leaving the ones I don't deem 'appropriate' for him (eg, the Nirvana one complaining about corporate rock whores...I'm pretty sure at a year old he really doesn't care about that just now haha!)
  I'm going to sort all our tees out at the weekend. What I'd mainly like to ask any of you have old band tees that you don't want any more that you'd like to contribute to Brandon's baby rock star blanket? It doesn't have to be any specific bands or that, just something to fill it up :) Much obliged if you do!

Hopefully this is something Brandon can look back on and be able to say, "Yeah, my mum made it for me." And it'll get me kickstarted into craftiness! Next stop? CROCHET OCTOPUS!

Do any of you have any little crafty habits that you'd like to share? Are you a knitting genius or do you make jewellery in your spare time?

Amii xo
Psssst...speaking of jewellery, keep your eyes peeled for a special jewellery feature!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Iron Fist S/S 11

 I'm a massive fan of Iron Fist, even in the early days when the heels were round-toed and tiny, and the designs were more aimed at 12-year old girls with a fixation of Fall Out Boy, I always wanted to at least have one of the wild, brightly coloured dresses or the eyecatching jeans. But even then, it didn't feel like they'd gotten their colours right, like they were the wrong kind of clashy and trashy. Sometimes, when they got it right, it was worn to death. But when it was It was wrong, let's leave it at that.

Although it's a tiny picture, let's be fair -
in 2004, everyone knew someone with this either
as a top or a hoody!

 Now, Iron Fist have grown up - and boy, are they making sure everyone knows it! I coveted a pair of Zombie Stompers for years, and when I finally bought a pair, my pregnant feet were too chubby to fit into the toty-tiny heels! IF as a brand are everywhere, from teeny-boppers bustling and crowding the city streets, to polished party-goers buying them from boutiques.

It was when they began to bring out the "Stomper" range that Iron Fist really clawed their way into the style radar
 Their horizons are broadening, they're catering for more styles and people, widening their audience, and it's really working well for them - rather than having different designs just printed on the same shoe style or fitted tee, they have all sorts of different heights of heel and boots and cardigans...I saw the Spring/Summer 2011 collection online and swooned - I know I'm a little behind the times for it, but there were a few pieces which REALLY caught my eye and almost drove me to sell everything I owned to get them.

Jens Heart Heels, £49.99

NYC Survivor Platforms, £45.00

Lacey Days Bootie Heels, £67.00

Santeria Platforms, £43.00

"You Ripped My Heart Out" hardshell bag with detachable bow, £30
Barrio Muertos dress, £35.00
Sweet Skull O' Mine bag, £40.00

Basically, I just wanted to blush and gush my love for Iron Fist. It's like growing up with the brand, and it's amazing how far they've come - now they're 100% vegan friendly and have some gorgeous designs for the alternative fashionista. But, although they're getting better and better with each collection they bring out, I still have my old favourites...What are your favourite Iron Fist products, and what's your opinion on this company? :)


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

OOTD; a wedding outfit!

This irritates me no end that I can't flip my pictures, gah!
Dress: vintage, a present from a family friend
Earrings: Flip, and Dorothy Perkins in Glasgow
Necklace: Topshop (shouldn't have bothered, they broke that night!)
Shoes [not pictured]: Iron Fist, "Zombie Stomper"
Hairband & Extensions: Claire's Accessories

Anyway. Hello, hello. I haven't worn anything interesting in the past wee while, so I decided to do an OOTD of an old favorite of mine - actually, over 2 years old! This is me when I was 17, and at Andrew's uncle's wedding. He had it in one of Edinburgh University's campus', and it was in this massive old stone building, it was beautiful. I was pregnant here and didn't even know, about a month or so gone! Explains the extreme boobage. Well, let's be fair, the dress probably had something to do with it, it was pretty short [for me] as well, and had a slit up the back. I would be too scared to wear something like that now!

 It's a gorgeous silky green vintage dress, a present from my mum's friend (she got it from a charity shop in Stirling and decided she didn't want it. WHY?!) the year before. The straps however snapped right as I arrived at the wedding, so I had to make do and safety pin them as a halter in the taxi outside! I also wore my Iron Fist zombie stompers...that shade of green matched my dress and my hair perfectly - oh yeah, I had a mohawk at that point, I think you can see the dyed green at the side haha! I disguised it and pulled half of my hair to the front, curled it, pinned a fringe section back, and bought that cheap curled hairpiece from Claire's Accessories in the train station on my way there and pinned that to the rest of my 'hawk. I spent two minutes on my make up, and (hopefully) drew attention away from my tunnels by wearing these gorgeous earrings - solid black plastic, one was a key, one was a heart shaped lock (which you may be able to see amongst my shop-bought raven tresses!) by a company who I don't think are in business any more :( And I also wore these adorable little earrings in my second ones, little satin bows with diamantes on them, from Dorothy Perkins. The reason I tried to hide them a little was because Andrew's family are incredibly conservative, and I didn't want to offend his 92-year old great gran, as the last time they saw me was when I was 14 and all silly and cute. I needn't have bothered, worried, or been so silly, as I adored them and forgot how much they liked me back! His great gran even remembered me and chatted to me all night!

 This was back in the day when everything I did was last minute and still looked effortless. I kind of miss looking like this, but at the same time I don't miss having to grow in a mohawk...give it another couple of months though, guaranteed I'll have forgotten this lesson and will razor off my sides again!
 And it's by far my favourite wedding outfit. What's yours?