Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Iron Fist S/S 11

 I'm a massive fan of Iron Fist, even in the early days when the heels were round-toed and tiny, and the designs were more aimed at 12-year old girls with a fixation of Fall Out Boy, I always wanted to at least have one of the wild, brightly coloured dresses or the eyecatching jeans. But even then, it didn't feel like they'd gotten their colours right, like they were the wrong kind of clashy and trashy. Sometimes, when they got it right, it was worn to death. But when it was It was wrong, let's leave it at that.

Although it's a tiny picture, let's be fair -
in 2004, everyone knew someone with this either
as a top or a hoody!

 Now, Iron Fist have grown up - and boy, are they making sure everyone knows it! I coveted a pair of Zombie Stompers for years, and when I finally bought a pair, my pregnant feet were too chubby to fit into the toty-tiny heels! IF as a brand are everywhere, from teeny-boppers bustling and crowding the city streets, to polished party-goers buying them from boutiques.

It was when they began to bring out the "Stomper" range that Iron Fist really clawed their way into the style radar
 Their horizons are broadening, they're catering for more styles and people, widening their audience, and it's really working well for them - rather than having different designs just printed on the same shoe style or fitted tee, they have all sorts of different heights of heel and boots and cardigans...I saw the Spring/Summer 2011 collection online and swooned - I know I'm a little behind the times for it, but there were a few pieces which REALLY caught my eye and almost drove me to sell everything I owned to get them.

Jens Heart Heels, £49.99

NYC Survivor Platforms, £45.00

Lacey Days Bootie Heels, £67.00

Santeria Platforms, £43.00

"You Ripped My Heart Out" hardshell bag with detachable bow, £30
Barrio Muertos dress, £35.00
Sweet Skull O' Mine bag, £40.00

Basically, I just wanted to blush and gush my love for Iron Fist. It's like growing up with the brand, and it's amazing how far they've come - now they're 100% vegan friendly and have some gorgeous designs for the alternative fashionista. But, although they're getting better and better with each collection they bring out, I still have my old favourites...What are your favourite Iron Fist products, and what's your opinion on this company? :)


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  1. I bloody love Iron Fist stuff!

    Just ordered a pair of shoes - the Mr is going to kill me when he finds out :s

    Happy to have found your blog, honey - it's great to see other alternative ladies blogging about beauty and the like :)


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