Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Update & Up-And-Coming

 Hey guys, I've been a bit absent on the blogging front. I haven't really been checking it and relying on posts I'd scheduled a few weeks before to keep the blog at least slightly updated. I haven't really felt up for it because my nearly 7-year relationship ended two weeks ago. It's been hard, but onwards and upwards as they say.

 I had a whole host of things planned - for example, I was looking to do a Halloween special for the whole of this week leading up to Halloween next Monday, and had planned out lots of creepy freaky looks for you all, and costume ideas, and tips and tricks to complete your look (like how to recreate the Silent Hill nurse's uniforms, how to make vampire bites with liquid latex, etc etc)...but my camera lead has decided to go bye bye. The more likely explanation for this is that Brandon has spied the lead, pinched it and hidden it someplace!

 I also wanted to tell you all about my stroke of luck with Giveaways this month!

  • Lydia from Cut-Throat Beauty hosted an amazing giveaaway, which I actually ended up winning (I didn't even think I had a chance!) and I've used at least two of the cosmetics I received every day since I got the lovely parcel :)
  • Wendy from Cydonian Make Up held a twitter competition, where I won Revlon's Facets of Fuschia nail polish (which is stunning by the way, expect a wee NOTD soon once my lead is unearthed from the junkyard that is my flat)
  • Lily from Beauty's Bad Habit was giving away two cute necklaces from the wonderfully quirky Raffles Bizarre and I got them in the post this weekend (you can read my feature and interview with RB's very own Jess here)
  • And the most recent, Katie from Katie's Make Up Obsession had a celebratory giveaway, where I've won a whole host of goody goods, and I'm picking them up from the death trap known as my local post office tomorrow :D
I really want to be able to do a big haul post of the prizes I've won, and keep your eyes out for a giveaway coming your way soon...

As a final and INCREDIBLY exciting note, I'll be piercing in 3 weeks time. SO. FREAKIN'. EXCITED. I've loved my apprenticeship so far, and now it's boiling up to another milestone, a real big one as well!

Take care my lovelies, and be sure to check out the sugar skull candy on my previous post...

*word play with Halloween and Dia El Los Muerte intentional. Drooling, optional.


Monday, 24 October 2011

A Little Bit Of Zombie Lovin'...

 This isn't simply in the spirit of Halloween, this is my pin-up. Where most people would like Ryan Gosling, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt etc as their phone background (although I personally wouldn't kick Mr Depp out the bed for leaving crumbs...), this guy's mine.

Yup, Rick Genest, otherwise known as Zombie Boy.
He popped onto my radar a few years ago. Was casually flicking through Bizarre on my break at work. "Boobs...latex...monkey with a gun...games....HOLY CRAP WHO IS THAT I AM IN LOVE." He's become much more popular since he started modelling for Thierry Mugler, and you may recognise him here...

Yup, he was the tuxed-up skeleton fella from Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" video! I squealed when I saw him. I love that she is promoting we are who we are, despite our appearances and our lifestyles.

Whenever I mention him, I seem to get looked at funny. I think he's brave (maybe a little stupid, but a lot of self-worth acts involve a little risk and stupidity in my opinion) for dedicating his body to look like this. He is quite young as well, and I may be paraphrasing here but I remember reading an interview with him a while back where he mentioned telling his mother. "I remember my mom's face when I first told her I was getting my face inked. She said, 'Oh Rick, PLEASE don't do that, please!' She was a little mad when I turned up with a skull tattooed on my face, but she loves me and accepts me for who I am."
 I think that's something that is still missing in today's society. There is a wider acceptance for body modification, but there does seem to be a cut off where most people consider it disgusting (other people I've spoken to's words, definitely not my own!) Where I would consider something to be an amazing experience and to have a memory afterwards ie the hook holes from suspension, the welts from branding, the surgical cuts from implants etc, most people would consider disfiguring.

I'm not going to turn this into a debate on who should find what acceptable, blah blah blah, but I will say that we all have our own ideas of what is beautiful to us, what is attractive. We all have our own traits, our own style, our own unique appearance. We are each our own person, and we will always have people who'll want to bring us down, or make us feel bad, but it's the people who love us for ourselves that count, and it's so important that WE love ourselves too!

I'll finish on this last note; he's recently been in the news for a new make-up brand that covers tattoos...it is SO weird to see him without any, but I still think he looks amazing!

So, yes, he is not only gorgeous, but he's kind of a lesson to us all. To never judge someone on their appearance, because it's what's inside that matters...even if like Rick you have your insides tattooed outside...

Saturday, 22 October 2011


 Next in our Autumn Series is Danni from dannithegirl, and she's reeeeeally excited about the coming season...

Autumn...When I get To Wear Things I've Waited To Wear All Year...
Autumn is lovely. The smell of bonfires, firework night, crisp clear (cold!) mornings, beautiful colours...
And a time when you can get out those clothes that have been put away all year! Those clothes that are too dark for Autumn, but don't always carry through to Winter. I've taken a few pictures of my favourite of these clothes, which should be seen on me - and my blog - soon!
Firstly, a charity shop favourite. This used to be long but I chopped it up and hemmed it (badly).

I could wear this with these cute red Mary-Janes, from Primark via a charity shop.

Secondly, this cosy but casual outfit. Denim skirt and a red jumper from George. Accessorised with my gorgeous new dog brooch.

I love wearing a denim skirt and thick tights with these cute brown ankle boots from New Look. They make my legs look skinny(er)!

Lastly, I can't wait to wear this lovely purple dress, from LK Bennett via TKMaxx. It's tie-waist, so very flattering. Worn with my favourite hat, from Velvet.

Toughened up with these awesome grey boots from Missguided.

Now to wait for Winter and the very cold weather so I can bring out my beloved faux furs...

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Halloween InspirationBoard

Scheduled posts always scare me, I never know if they're going to post or not :( so fingers crossed on this one! 
Halloween is fast approaching (and as per usual my grand plans of flamboyant outfits have fallen through so I have no idea what I want to go as...) and I've spied a few things to get you all in the mood!

This artifical pumpkin was filled and brought to life by Crafty member PhilenAnn47926 - she makes these every year, as well as silhouette diorama's and giant Christmas houses!

I don't know the photographer's name but I stumbled across this on Tumblr (the worst place for providing credit for photos) and it's lost of pictures of lost, abandoned amusement parks...

I'll admit, I still have a major soft spot for the Victorian era...so these pictures of Halloween apothecary 'poison' bottle displays just melt my heart and take me away to another century.

I would have included pictures of the Death Star one, the R2-D2 one, the Shining one, and the (for some reason) ever popular, puking Pumpkin....but these are some of the more unusual ones, ones that I'd never seen before and fell in love with. Especially the Predator one - look at the detail!!

That's all for my first InspirationBoard for Halloween, don't miss the next one which is next week :)
Take care

Saturday, 15 October 2011


Hello! Charging on with the Autumn Series of guest bloggers, I present you Zoey, a lovely lass who blogs over on Daisy Gin. Here, she talks about her favourite Autumn nails!

Hey my name is Zoey and I blog over at Daisy Gin. The lovely Amii asked for some guest bloggers and here I am! Leopard print is always something I will be obsessed with. My boyfriend hates it but I love it. Decided to try a more "real" leopard print than my usual WAH Nails inspired nails.

1. WAH Nails made leopard nails oh so popular, a wonderful tutorial on Gem Fatale's blog made it look oh so easy. I literally will never tire of them. For these nails I used Models Own: Nude Beige and Gold Rush, Natural Collection: Nail Tip Whitener and in a Coral (can't remember the actual nail and it is now packed away somewhere!), my trusty Seche Vite and a Claire's Nail Art Pen
2. After painting my nails white I used an old makeup applicator to sponge on the nude, coral and gold nail polishes. Using the nail art pen I drew on the good old leopard print, with a coat of Seche Vite and you are done!
3. The eyes are also just as easy. I used Boots 17 Trio Eye Shadows in enraged then using Rimmel's Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner to draw on the leopard as you would when doing your nails. Easy!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this leopard print fun. And thank you to Amii for having me!

Zoey xox

Friday, 14 October 2011

Laaaavly Bracelets!

 It's happening; I'm slowly becoming a jewellery fiend. I've always been a fan of charm bracelets, but have never seen any I like or could see myself being able to wear on a day to day basis. Then Lyssa from Arcobaleno Jewellery offered to send me a free bracelet on Twitter! You can imagine how excited I was - my own custom bracelet! I was curious to see how creative she could be, so I just told her what colours I liked and let her go wild...And it's like she picked a jewellery design straight from my head!

 Even the packaging was adorable, with a little handwritten note. Of course, Brandon discovered the pretty sequins and I'm still hoovering them up...

 The charms are: (clockwise from top) rose, key, perfume bottle, hat, wing, heart

Sterling silver bracelet which is made up of teeny tiny hearts, with a heart gem charm

These beads are so, so sparkly! I was afraid that the mirrored beads would scratch, and that the delicate little bracelet would maybe snap, but they've put up with me running around 8 hours a day and being dumped on the desk while I pop upstairs to set up piercings/sterilise/change jewellery however many times a day, and then coming home to feed B and get him ready for bed...So they don't exactly have an easy life but still look brand new.

Look how great they look together! So pretty, and it all feels incredibly personalised. Alyssa offers a custom bracelet service called Beautifully Bespoke from the webpage, and you can see some of her previous designs there too :)

All in all, I'm really happy with her service and how much of a personal touch she puts into her jewellery. I'm definitely going to be ordering from her again! 

Who's your favourite 'indie' jewellery company?

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Decisions, decisions...

  Throughout my teenage years (and a little before) I have been many colours: purple, blue, green, varying shades of oranges and yellows (bad encounters with bleach...) and brown. The two I seem to flit between the most though, are red and black.

Aged 14; first foray into raven hair. It was pretty long, past my shoulders, and I had huge layers and used to wear it in a massive beehive with a thick cut blunt fringe. You can barely see it here, but I also had it shaved under all that hair (yes, that's how much there is with half a head of it!)

pin-curls with hair-clips...how much I still had to learn...

Aged 16; as part of a hair-modelling experience, I got leopard print shaved into my shaved parts, dyed red, and thinned out majorly. It was a lovely effect, and I kind of miss it.

17; Chopped it shorter, dyed it dark again, after a reeeeaaaally bad bleaching experience (wanted it Ariel red, it went pumpkin orange and fell off)

18; Tried to go red again when I was pregnant with some stupid non-bleach stuff. It didn't work, so I tried to dye bright red on top of it....and it went a muddy colour. And good god, I was massive!

18; By this point, I'd had it dyed black again again before I had B, and had grown out my undercut and let it become healthy. But, it still was a flat boring browny black.....

Tipsy in my jammies with my friends, watching crappy Poundland horror films... shows how red it is! 

...So of course I dyed it again. And decided, why not make my eyebrows match?

Why the hell not?

...I'll tell you, because lip liner is more expensive than eyeliner...hahaha!

So after it faded (very slowly might I add, great hair dye!) I went black again, and I'm now considering the red again. But maybe something a little more wearable... I'm thinking a soft strawberry blonde, or a dark auburn?
Like this? (I actually love her, she's hilarious!)

Or a lighter, fruitier colour like ERW's?

So confused. Maybe I should just keep it black to keep it healthy....

Warm Parisian Evenings; OUTFITSET.

Warm Parisian Evenings.

One of my first sets on Polyvore...Even though it's not colours I'd normally go for, it's fun to imagine up ensembles you know you'd never wear :)