Wednesday, 16 November 2011

SET; Sleek.

Darkly Sparkling

I haven't posted a set in a while, so here's a quick cheeky one about the kind of style I'm considering wearing to some parties lined up in the next few months :)


  1. yeah i like it! love the shoes and the lace shirt, very sexy :)
    I hope you take pictures and share with us when you go to the parties!


  2. love this, lush cameo jewellery, im making so much of that at the moment (addictive!) also shoes, and the amount of lace here...well its a good thing :) xxx

  3. I love it, with some smoked out eyes and rich red lips I could be persuaded to wear a dress that nice. :)

  4. Of course everything is a moustache :)

  5. And I forgot to say: Normal hairdressers don't understand the Bettie fringe.. and they never will!! I always do mine myself now after a horrendous experience at a Belfast hairdresser. I might blog about that...

  6. Beautiful selection of items here. The lace shirt is stunning! I want one.


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