Wednesday, 28 December 2011

SWATCHES: Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette

Hello, lovelies! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year, I've been spending all my spare time with friends and family so haven't had a chance to get much done, but took the time to photograph my presents, and once they're all done I'll pop up a little post. I've loved reading all of your Christmas posts, I'm so glad you were all spoiled rotten!
 Here's one of my beauty-related gifts I received, the much-coveted Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette...

  I properly squealed when I opened it! I know how hard these were to get a hold of when they first came out, and even though I'm not a massive palette fan, I'm still a Urban Decay fangirl at heart. I've just been looking at it in its lovely velvet-lined box, trying to put off taking it out and doing swatches, because it's just too damn pretty. But curiosity took over adoration, and I just had to go swatch-crazy and review each shade as I've found it.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

'Twas The Night Before Christmas...

 A lot of people view Christmas as a very stressful period. I have to admit, I'm a major stress-head, but I manage the festive period with minimal freak-outs. I've snapped some pictures that haven't made it into outfit/FOTD/haul posts, so I've made them into a little peek into what December 2011 has been like for me...
[pic heavy and a bit long...!]

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

FEATURE: The Accessory Stand!

 As all of you can probably tell, I like my jewellery. And as is also obvious, I like it quirky. So when a more demure and feminine shop pops onto my radar, I tend to flick past the tweet or skim through the post and carry on.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Tips&Tricks To Keep Those Winter Blues Away!

 Everyone reaches that point in winter where they feel run down, tired, and can't be bothered with anything, when the best solution seems to be curling up into a little ball under the duvet wishing you could hibernate. The stresses of the holiday season take their toll, and we suffer the dreaded 'Winter Blues'. So here's my fail-safe recipe for dusting away those cobwebs to make you feel like a more relaxed, happier chappy for the New Year!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Oh, to dream of pearls and ruffles...

 Been absent on the blogging front, I've been awfully busy! You'd have thought with Hurricane Bawbag turning the Central Belt upside down resulting in a half-day at work I'd have squeezed in some blogging...instead, I curled up with B in bed scoffing our faces watching Disney movies. So productive! But I've been taking some pictures to show you all what I've been up to :) Mainly shopping for the upcoming Christmas/Birthday parties! I'd mentioned we were all going shopping for them, and I ended up treating myself to a few things that I, em, 'needed' desperately...

Thursday, 8 December 2011

VIDEO REVIEW; Top 10 Winter Products!

Hello my lovelies, just to say I've posted another video, this time with speech (you'll get to hear my 'awesome' accent...!) and I'm reviewing my favourite products this December. :)

...And yet again they've given me another dippit thumbnail. Woohoo!


ps; if you have any criticism or input at all, let me know, I'm always looking to improve :)

What are your favourite winter products?


Thursday, 1 December 2011

OOTD; The 'Fabulous Faux Fur' Edition

 It's been getting pretty nippy up here in the past few weeks - there was apparantly snow in the Stirling and Perthshire areas this week, which means having to cosy up! Our local newspaper has actually issued a hypothermia information article, advising us girls to remember to keep warm this winter. Last year, a fair few women were taken to hospital with symptoms, because alcohol makes you feel fuzzy warm and invincible to the cold - I won't lie, a few times I thought, 'Psssht, it's only snow, I'll be outside for all of ten minutes!' But the taxi queue can leave you waiting for up to an hour, so tiny dress + heels = no toes or fingers. So remember, ladies, wrap up warm, we don't want to lose our tooties just because of a night out!

 Okay, all mothering aside, here's my [badly photographed] OOTD;


Not a beauty or fashion related post, but I'm really excited about getting my wee living room all ready for Christmas! After Brandon went to sleep I couldn't resist putting the tree up and popping a few decorations around my living room. I'm not one to put things in the window or 'Santa Stop Here!' signs up (simply because I value being able to concentrate without madly blinking lights and my sanity) so a little bit of sparkly-ness does it for me. I bought a bumper pack of decorations from Wilkinson's, as well as a few extra bits and pieces a few weeks ago, and have been itching to get them out!