Thursday, 1 December 2011


Not a beauty or fashion related post, but I'm really excited about getting my wee living room all ready for Christmas! After Brandon went to sleep I couldn't resist putting the tree up and popping a few decorations around my living room. I'm not one to put things in the window or 'Santa Stop Here!' signs up (simply because I value being able to concentrate without madly blinking lights and my sanity) so a little bit of sparkly-ness does it for me. I bought a bumper pack of decorations from Wilkinson's, as well as a few extra bits and pieces a few weeks ago, and have been itching to get them out!

Ta daaaa!

Yaaaay! My living room has a theme of teal, brown and silver, so my decorations match...except my tree, which is a black pre-lit one from Asda. It runs on batteries as well so it doesn't drain my electricity - hooray for cost-effectiveness! It's only small as our flat isn't very big, so it's on one side of my desk in the living room with a lovely turquoise throw on top. Instead of the typical star or angel, for the top I've went for a glittery star and a teal butterfly clipped onto it. For some reason, half the lights aren't showing here...

 The big pack of decorations has a ridiculous amount of decorations, and I didn't want to bog the tree down with them, so some of them are placed underneath. How cute are the tiny presents?!

 A peacock! There's two of these, and two of the sparkly peacock feathers pictured above dotted around. I was going to see if I could find any feather accessories from charity shops to carry on the theme, but the cat is tempted to destroy the tree enough...

 I remember getting the tree ready when I was younger; my mum is a massive kid when it comes to Christmas, and it would take stupid amounts of self control for her to resist putting decorations up before December 1st. Every St. Andrew's day (which is today! I hope you all had some shortbread and Irn Bru...) we would get everything down from the loft, and at night we would spend hours putting everything out. We had a white tree with silver and blue tinsel, baubles, and our own decorations we had made through the years. One of them was an awful baked clay mess by my sister Emma, it was a red and green squashed shape with silver paint on it and a massive letter 'E' on it, and it made us all giggle when we took it out. One of mine was a paper star with yellowing bits of cotton stuck to it and one googly eye, it was all stained last time I seen it but it still goes up! The cats would have made a wee nest in the tree before the night was out and we had this naff wee angel that perched on the top, with a gold dress and yellow wool for hair that Sarah put in a ponytail when we were really young. We had spray fights with the cans of fake snow, and my Gran would groan whenever she came into the house, saying it was like 'some kind of psycho Santa's Grotto'. Mum would have Christmas songs on all the way through December, and would belt them out at the top of her lungs in the morning or when she was hoovering. We watched nothing but Christmas-themed films the whole month, but our top two choices to watch on the day aren't really festive at all - The Wizard of Oz and Jurassic Park!

 It's silly, fun memories like this I want to make for Brandon. I remember being really annoyed and thinking, 'What's the point? It's only Christmas!' when I was younger, but now I know my mum made the build up to it almost as good as the day itself. I can't wait to see his face when he gets up tomorrow and sees the room!

What's your favourite Christmas memory?



  1. Those peacock decorations are to die for! Not sure what colour scheme we're going for this year, there's only so many things that stand out against black (not doing silver again!).

    Need some more Christmas inspiration before I put my decorations up lol. :)

    Btw, your Mum sounds amazing!

  2. Loving the peacocky decorations! I saw some lovely peacock feather ribbon in Wilkos the other day! xx

  3. Amy; I LOVE wilkos, one opened up here recently, so happy!! That ibbon would be so cute to wrap present s with if you had some super sparkly paper to match!

    Lydia; have you tried pintrest for decoration inspiration? Best website EVER! O know, black it's a great standout color but trying to found nice thingd to go with it can be a pain in the bum - post pics when you decide! Xx

  4. I'm obsessed with anything peacock so I may have squealed a bit when I saw those adorable peacock decorations. Very cute!


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