Friday, 27 January 2012

People Are Strange, When You're A Stranger...

 I've had a lot on in the past few weeks, so I've not been blogging as consistently as I'd like to. But you know when life kind of takes over, and everything takes a backseat for a while? And then you come back and inspiration is hiding under the couch flicking you the bird? Yep, that! 
 So to rectify this, I have a couple of things to share today...

 First up: a mini beauty haul!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

ALL The Colours!

 Last week, Lucy and Sarah (two of the funniest and most vile girls on the planet) came over to watch films, and we ended up laughing over pizza about sod all. Nights like those make me miss staying where I used to, when they were only just down the road - even when it was snowing they'd turn up to the door and wouldn't leave until we realised we had work in less than five hours. The whole point to this post is Lucy gave me a belated birthday gift.
 She said, "The small one is from Ann Summers." I've learned not to fear those words, because she's an underwear connoisseur after having worked there (and co-managed!) for a few years, and previous gifts have included gorgeous undie sets, suspenders, seamed stockings and a vibrator, but this little package turned out to be a perfume - it smells so light and fruity, my favourite kinds!
 I actually got a compliment from a woman in a lift on it, she asked "Oooh, what perfume are you wearing? Is it DKNY?" To which I replied, "Nope, Ann Summers!"
 "Well," she said. "Just as well I'm on my way there - something else I can get!"
 I opened the second present to find this.

 I was really pleased, I love make up bags, I practically collect them! "No, open it silly!" And so I did...

 Eeeee! Lots and lots of nail art pens! I'm no longer limited to black, I have it all! *evil laughter*

This means I can finally have lovely fruit-themed nails, or leopard print...oh, the possibilities!

What is your favourite nail art design?


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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Giveaway Reminder!

Hello lovelies! Just to remind you, my giveaway is running until the 29th of January, so you will have until 10pm this Sunday to enter!

What you could win...

An Irn Bru can bracelet and a charm bracelet (made with real vintage charms!) from Bunny's Beads

Kokeshi doll earrings, green star earrings, and double-sided mixtape necklace from PunkyPins

...And a secret pamper goodie bag!

All of this in my first ever giveaway!

How you can enter...

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  • You must be a follower of the blog. I will be checking!
  • No blogs that have been set up solely for the purpose of giveaways/competitions, only to unfollow after winning - it's not fair on people who actually read the blog :c
  • One entry per valid submission, again it's only fair!

The giveaway is open until the 29th of January, and the winner will be picked from a hat by Brandon :) 
And remember, as an added thankyou to all you amazing folks, PunkyPins are offering free P&P if you order with them and use the code SCARLETPOUTFPP at the checkout - plus they have an 80% sale on!

You can enter through this post, or by commenting on the original post before this! Goooood luck!



Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Birthday Treats & A GIVEAWAY!

Yesterday, I turned my back on my teenage years, and said hello to the roaring Twenties! I don't like making a  massive deal out of birthdays, but it feels really nice to feel like people care when they wish me many happy returns. So I feel positively spoiled considering what I got from some amazing people!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

REVIEW; Soap & Glory Series #1

 One of my Christmas presents was the big Soap & Glory box from my lovely boss, and I've been using at least one product from it a day! It's full of fabulous goodies, some of which (i.e. Hand Food and Righteous Butter) I've used before, but most of these I never even knew existed!

 I'll be reviewing them throughout January, as part of a mini S&G series of posts, while of course enjoying pampering myself...

Thursday, 5 January 2012

FOTD; Urban Decay, Bold Brows, and Silly Faces

 First FOTD of the year, woo!
 Okay, I promise to try not to do that with every post in the whole of January. I tried out my UD palette (which I swatched for you all here) in an actual look the other day. I used Deep End, Evidence for the crease, and Vanilla as a highlight, but I felt that teamed with a bold brow, it made me look too...well, like this.
(hysterically, here's the source...there really is a facebook group for everything)
 So I blended away to my heart's content, and came up with a very nice, subtle eye color.

 Not far too pigmented, and just enough definition so it doesn't look washed out. Yay! I'm a bit annoyed with my liquid eyeliner at the moment actually - look at the end of that flick! I've used Collection 2000's liquid eyeliner for years now, mainly for the brush - it's like a conical, pointed sponge that's firm enough to create fantastic defined strong shapes, yet soft enough that it wouldn't drag the colour away and make those annoying tram lines that you have to spend ages gently filling in. The brushes are now blunt and quite solid, which is disappointing! So I'm on the lookout for new liquid eyeliner by the looks of things. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Products Used;
Urban Decay Deep End, Vanilla & Evidence
Brows; Benefit Babe Cake in black
Liquid eyeliner; Collection 2000 (grrr...!)
Mascara; 17 Va Va Voom Volume
Foundation; Benefit Non-Fiction
Blush; MUA 004

As I was also trying out silly make up looks on the same day (post to follow, it's SO bad...) I decided I'd try out the way I used to wear my hair, aka, in a MASSIVE pomp. Turns out my fringe isn't quite long enough for me to do that, so I just had a very 'There's Something About Amii' look about me...


On another note, I'm quite enjoying having bolder brows and experimenting more with shapes now that I'm happy with my technique of drawing them on. Hooray!

Here's a little something to soothe ourselves with in the plight of the awesome Howard Jones leaving Killswitch Engage. SADFACE!
 This band - this song, this whole album - reminds me of being 13 and rocking out in my bedroom and having the rose from the original artwork drawn on the back of my door. Of being young and obsessed with music and make up, thinking I ruled the world and no one could ever stop me.
"It won't be long, we'll meet again! Your memory is never passing!"


Monday, 2 January 2012

Tatty Gidness; Completion!

 As I've mentioned in previous posts, my thigh was started a few months ago. It was a random idea; Zara (who is currently the apprentice in the studio, and is shit hot!) was looking to do a big piece, and I offered my thigh for an idea I'd been thinking of for a while. Within half an hour or so we'd sourced some lovely images of fish, lotus flowers, and lily pads, and within a few weeks I was sitting for my first session. Not only was this her first big piece to tattoo, this was also my first time being tattooed for so long! So here is a little photo post of the evolution of my thigh-piece, and how I found it.

OOTD; Bringin' In The Bells

 Today was spent very lazily, stuffing my face with New Years lunch (why is it Granny's always make food so much better and fantastic?!) watching films until I got home, and realised I'd ran out of milk, bread and eggs, and had an insane craving for french toast thanks to my friend Emma, so headed out to Asda which is thankfully just up the road. I took the opportunity to wear my lovely new boots - my Mam had a similar pair, and they're really comfy, not the kind of style I'd ever imagine her (or me, for that matter!) wearing, she knew I liked them and thoughtfully bought me a pair for my Christmas. Aww!

Houndstooth woolen dress; TK Maxx
Cardigan; George by Asda
Velour corduroy jeans; Internacionale
Boots; Santa! (They're from Priceless, haha)
Hat; George by Asda

 I'm trying out a new photo editing technique, bear with me these next few blog posts until I decide if I like it or not...
The boots are so lovely though, and they make my feet look tiny! They lace up and have little hooks on the side of the turned over top for lacing up fully, or you can pull that up and have a mid-calf boot, versatility is always a pro in my books! And they kept my feet snug on the walk up to Asda, where I ended up picking up a cheeky wee tiramisu pudding as well as my groceries...

Hogmanay is a big thing up here in Scotland, and it can get a bit teary and emotional as we bring the bells in - there's nothing like it, everyone in eachother's arms, hugging and wishing a Happy New Year with a drink in their hand and the other raised in the air, waving as Auld Lang Syne plays with the Edinburgh Castle guns going off in the background with fireworks and dancing and laughs - it's just amazing, following the traditions (such as first footers etc) that our parents and theirs before them have enjoyed feels so overwhelming, and for some reason like I said it can get quite emotional. Another year passed, another to come, with more in store than the one before. 2011 has been an eye opener for me, for myself, my abilities as a mother and as a person, and it's showed me that I can become stronger and more confident if I just stop holding myself back. I don't make resolutions any more- if I decide I'm going to do something I just do it, setting a day to start it on will surely mean it will fail! - but I have been making myself promise to do more. For me, for my friends, and for Brandon. To be all that I can be, and more. To give myself more self-worth. To focus, to concentrate, and achieve any goal I have to work towards. 

So to all of you, I hope you get what you wish for in 2012. I hope you get that bit closer to your dream that you're working towards. And I wish you all the best for what the year ahead may bring you!

Take care,