Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Birthday Treats & A GIVEAWAY!

Yesterday, I turned my back on my teenage years, and said hello to the roaring Twenties! I don't like making a  massive deal out of birthdays, but it feels really nice to feel like people care when they wish me many happy returns. So I feel positively spoiled considering what I got from some amazing people!

 Loving that my cards were largely booze, cake and cat themed...

 Cute card and keepsake from my sisters :)

 My boss gave me this cute lipgloss quad, they smell DIVINE!

A carousel themed bodycare set that Sarah gave me, everything smells amazing! And you can bet I'm keeping the mini roundabout box...

Zara gave me these adorable necklaces! A swallow watch with a lace bow, and a little strawberry locket: all of my favourite things in necklaces rolled into two :D (tiny heart courtesy of Sarah's doodling)

Modelling two gifts here! My Kreepsville 666 "Electrocutie" tee from one of our tattooists, Kev, and the AWESOME sugarskull marble cake from my friend Sophie! This got posted on the shop's Facebook and nearly 80 people liked it! Although from the way I'm sitting I look about 4" tall...haha!

 I came home from work to a lovely handmade card from Brandon - it had stars, fluffy baubles and coloured feathers all over it, and a green handprint with a "B" in it. Although the tearful momma-and-son moment was abruptly popped as my little monster decided it was arts and crafts time again and proceeded to pull everything off it and try to stick it back on! I've yet to put it back together so it is in the kitchen until I buy glue tomorrow :) I had a relaxed night in, spent watching kids films (Cars. Over and over and over again. And then Toy Story because he kept yelling "WOODY! BUZZ! WOODYYYY!" Not that I begrudge watching Disney films all night at all!)

 I don't feel two decades old. I still feel young and it's strange to thing ten years ago I was stunned that my amount of years alive was into the double digits. Here's to the next twenty!
To celebrate, I am holding a giveaway on the blog. I'm now at 87 followers, and that is honestly insane - I never thought I would even reach ten, let alone nearly 100! So here are my little gifts to you, and as it's a birthday giveaway, you're in for some surprises as well...

  • Two pairs of earrings from PunkyPins
  • A surprise charm bracelet from Bunny's Beads
  • A secret make-up goodie bag
Yep, all of this for you, in my first blog giveaway! 
You can enter in the following ways:
Comment below with your name, your blog, and your email, and tell us the best birthday you ever had and why! (Mandatory) +1 entry
Tweet the following: "" I just entered @ScarletPout's birthday giveaway, and you can too! http://scarletpout.blogspot.com/2012/01/birthday-treats-and-treat-for-all-of.html"" +1 entry
Post on Facebook "" I just entered ScarletPout's birthday giveaway, and you can too! http://scarletpout.blogspot.com/2012/01/birthday-treats-and-treat-for-all-of.html"" +1 entry

There are a few rules, as per...
  • You must be a follower of the blog. I will be checking!
  • No blogs that have been set up solely for the purpose of giveaways/competitions, only to unfollow after winning - it's not fair on people who actually read the blog :c
  • One entry per valid submission, again it's only fair!

The giveaway is open until the 29th of January, and the winner will be picked from a hat by Brandon :) 
And as an added thankyou to all you amazing folks, PunkyPins are offering free P&P if you order with them and use the code SCARLETPOUTFPP at the checkout! 

Good luck lovelies, and take care!



  1. Happy late birthday!
    You got some of the cutest/most awesome b-day gifts! I love the cupcake lip glosses- those are adorable. The big 2-0, just wait until you are as old as I am (I'm only 25). lol. Oh, and also love the cake.

    I would like to enter your give away:
    Best birthday- my 24th. My friend made me an awesome rainbow cake with chocolate and peanut butter inside. I just hung out with my friends, swimming, hookah, and having some drinks. Then my husband gave me a my cat (named Pickles). It was laid back and totally fun.
    --tweeted and Facebooked :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Your cake looks AMAZING :D

  3. Happy birthday angelface!! Looks like you got some great stuff and that cake is AWESOME!

    Please enter me in your giveaway (those doll earring are sooo cute!)

    I've also tweeted.

    Danni xxx

  4. Your birthday cake is amazing! Well, I should say "was amazing", I bet you've eaten it by now :D

    The best birthday I ever had was my 22nd birthday. I spent the day shopping, then had my ribs tattooed. That night, after spending the majority of the day feeling queasy, I took a pregnancy test. And *drumroll* I was pregnant!
    And now I'm a Mama to the most handsome 6 month old Son <3

    Tess xox

    I've tweeted about the giveaway too! ^_^

  5. Ohh I love all your gifts! That cake is so beautiful, and I really like the carousel themed beauty stuff! So pretty :-) Lots of birthday wishes!
    I think the best birthday would have been my 20th too, in August 2011, went to a mini blues festival up North and just celebrated with my family, friends and my other half!


  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! wow such cool presents seriously you got some really thoughtful and loving presents! i love the necklaces and the lipgloss stuff, so amazing the cake is pretty amazing aswell! :) glad you had a great birthday!

    Best birthday I ever had was hmm...it would probably be one when I was a kid when all the presents where just so much more exciting and the cake and your friends and the games you played. it was all so much fun every little bit of it because it was your day, things are too stressful now days, i need to make a reminder for this years birthday to make it a more special one :) although last years birthday was pretty rad aswell, i partied the whole week long and saw two shows in a row then went out dancing with some friends so yeah i guess it was pretty amazing :)

    my email is: anita@thickthreads.net

    Anita Riot

  7. I just shared it on facebook :)


  8. Looks like you had a lovely day, happy birthday! The sugar skull cake is immense, x

  9. you got the cutest presents ever! glad you had a lovely day :)x

    p.s. I wish there was a t-shirt print of that cake!

  10. Happy 20 to you! All of your gifts are so lively!

    My best birthday was my 40th! I travelled across the country from New Mexico to Pennsyvlvania to celebrate. My Aunt & Uncle hosted and all the kids from the street I grew up were there! I've known them since I was born! It was a great reunion, plus I reconnected with my niece & nephew I hadn't seen since they were children!
    Happy Birthday!

    and happy birthday again x

  12. Well Happy Birthday then! :) Love your presents, and cat-cards are always welcome ;) Hope you'll enjoy your twenties! xo

  13. Aww too bad I missed this! But happy birthday just the same! Mine was this month on the 10th! :) your cake is freaking adorable! Just like you! ;)


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