Thursday, 16 February 2012

OOTD; Of Steel And Lace...

 Why yes, I AM using my old blog name as a post title! In this case though, it is very apt. I've been on a bit of an eBay surge the past few weeks, and my findings have consisted of a Rilakkuma bear phone cover, tiny gems, a 99p cardigan (99p, PEOPLE. LESS THAN A POUND.) and the blouse featured. It's one of those pieces of clothing (everyone has one) where the second you put it on, you feel amazing. It's more daring than what I'd normally wear, and it fits like a dream. So of course I chose to wear that as well as a few other favourites, both old and new.

Blouse; £5, eBay (label says 'ASOS')
Vest; Primark
Jeans; Internacionale
Bow belt; New Look
Boots; Shoe Zone
Cameo ring; New Look
Necklace; Sweet Delirium Jewellery
Scarf; Xmas present
Haunted House bag; Charity shop (label says 'Topshop')
Buckfast bracelet; Bunny's Beads

Not only did I get to wear my favourite new outfit (EVER), I tried out contouring properly for the first time. I don't own bronzer, as on my skin it appears orange and awful, so I used a deep brown/pink eyeshadow from MUA, along with a very pale blush from ELF ('Innocent'). I took the darker shadow and filled in under my cheekbones and the hollows of my temples roughly, and popped the lighter shade on top of my cheeks, my forehead and down my nose, and then blended it to within an inch of its life - I'm so pleased with the result! I'm forever paranoid about my chubby little cheeks, and it feels nice to pretend they have a bit of definition! I think next time I'll try to teach myself how to contour under my jawline too :)

As it was a day of firsts, may I also add this is the first time I've ever worn a blouse in this style - high-necked AND sleeveless. And also the first time in ages that I've worn my hair in a high messy bun, because it's actually long enough to do! Yay!

Benefit BabeCake brow kit (dry)
Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner, 'Black'
17 Va Va Va Voom Volume mascara
MUA eyeshadow shade 4
ELF eyelid primer
Black from ELF shadow compact

 I know, I probably broke a whole lot of beauty rules by using the same shade I contoured with as my eyeshadow, but they look totally different combined with the other shades around them! I was kind of stumped as to what to put on my eyes. I felt like my usual cat-flick was just a bit too cutesy and girly for the look I ended up with, so I went for a thicker top lid, blunter at the ends, and a soft smokey eye, leaving the brows not as bold as normal, and a nude lip. Again, a day of firsts! :D

I'll leave you with, I felt amazing. Properly confident and upbeat, and that doesn't normally happen. I felt pretty, even! So I'll leave you with what must be the sexiest song in the universe to ever have been made. Trent Reznor, you depressing wee sod, we salute you for this, the sleaziest song ever.

Take care!



  1. Ooooh i love it! You look gorgeous missus! That necklace is actually amazing.
    Great job with the contouring too :D Its a staple in my makeup routine as i get paranoid about my round face teehee

    1. Thanks lovely! I think it's something that I need to make a regular thing, I've done it nearly every day this week :) xxx

  2. Excellent song choice as usual lol, this has a habit of coming on my ipod at very inappropriate times. You should see me do 'sexy' dancing to it when I'm drunk, I'm sure it's a sight to behold!

    Also, you look beautiful. Love the make-up and the outfit is lovely, the lace shirt is very pretty and looks fab against your pale skin :) xx

    1. It's an INCREDIBLY dangerous song to come on after drinking, because then everyone thinks it's okay to grind against things while screaming the chorus... :P Who hasn't done that before though, seriously?!

      Thankyou sweetie! xxx

  3. You look great! Love the outfit.
    And who cares about make up rules..
    you do what works for you best. ^^d

    1. Awww thanks lady! I didn't really notice until I went to do my eyes and thought...this may not end well...haha! xxx

  4. Just so you know, you've started me on a mission to find that blouse. I was never a fan of those lace style tops because of places like New Look, but that one looks amazeballs.

    1. I was the same Lydia, was so put off by the options most shops were offering, spied this on ebay when I was looking for jeans and picked that up instead! They're so pretty, even check boohoo they're having a sale with similar blouses in it :) xxx

  5. This is what you were wearing when I saw you, you looked amazing!!!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks! Your latest post is making me wish I liked sweet breads...*drools a bit* xxx


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