Thursday, 19 April 2012

Missing In Action...

Hey guys, apologies for the lack of updates but my laptop charger broke last week and I haven't had time to get a new one! Grrr. I tried downloading some blogger apps but they either wouldn't let me sign on, wouldn't publish my posts, or filled my phone with spam. the only way I can post is if I type into the Post Title box and then copy and paste into the html section...boooring.

anyway! Some quick updates for you guys:
:- I finally went ginger! Yaaaay!
:- I've got a few posts in the pipeline; OOTD's, a brow tutorial and a hair tutorial
:- I'm AWOL this weekend anyway as we're setting off to an old country house in Inverurie, I can't wait! I love the countryside!

I'm really missing readibg how you all are and I'm itching to get back to blogging, so hourly my laptop charger wil get replaced soon. Take care, guys!

Amii xoxo

Sunday, 8 April 2012

HD Brows: Experience & Review

source: official HD Brows website

 Eyebrows are kind of my thing. If I were to post my tumblr link on here, all the pictures of girls reblogged aren't for their tattoos, their hair (maybe for their hair.) or their clothes (...well, maybe for their clothes)'s for their eyebrows. I love a good eyebrow, as creepy as that sentence sounds. Bold, well defined, and sharp. So when I heard about HD Brows, I knew I had to at least try them out...

Nail Art Galore!

 I confess, for someone who owns a fair amount of nail polish, I rarely paint my nails. But when I do, I make sure it's something different each time. Like the time I painted a tiny graveyard scene on them for Halloween, or when I tried (and admittedly failed) to paint mini fleur-de-lis on a nice shimmery blue background...they looked like mini dicks. Not nice.

 But I'm getting steadily better. This week I chose to wear one of my favourite bugs across my nails, and received a crazy amount of compliments from people on them! My friends are a lot better and more inventive with nail art, gems, 3D acrylic and such, but I'm getting there!
Ladybirds, before the clean up! Oh, and guess who's on Instagram now? Username is "scarletpot", thanks largely to my stupid autocorrect...
There's so much more I'd love to try, and you'd think with all the amazing inspiration floating around on the internet, I'd be able to think of something more inventive than strawberries and ladybirds, but sadly not. For now I'm content to share some of my favourite nail art tutorials and pictures from across the web, hopefully I'll be able to put the red nail polish down at one point and pick up a new colour...

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Scottish Beauty Show

 Yes, yes, I know, I missed the March Wishlist and I haven't posted since last Monday. But I've been super busy - I've started piercing on Wednesday afternoons (woohoo!) and have been taking advantage of the good weather with B when I've finished work and on my days off, so between swimming, stabbing people, picnics, football in the park and sunning ourselves, I've been shattered when I finally walk in the door! Okay, so that's probably no excuse, but hey, life gets in the way sometimes...

 I neglected to mention last week that I went to the Scottish Beauty Show, bad blogger! Zara, Soph and I managed to get free passes in to go and get gooey-eyed around the masses of products at this enormous trade show. We stumbled off the bus after an hour long ride with numb bums and made our way into the Exhibition Centre, where we were met with masses of beauty trade stalls. It's really more aimed at pro's within the beauty industry, and we were invited as somehow working in a tattoo studio is included (I don't know...) - although as soon as the stallholders found this out, they weren't as keen to talk to us about their products and such. Zara was quick on this and managed to push me to the front of our trio with a clever 'Amii's a blogger, she reviews beauty products' and with that their faces switched immediately and they instantly became friendlier and more willing to showcase their products.