Monday, 28 May 2012

OOTD; The "Cats, Sun & Fun" Edition

Two words.

 Anyone who knows me in the slightest, knows I'm a massive cat lady. I'm that person who stops to give them a cuddle if they're sunbathing on the pavement, or gives them a wee scratch behind the ear if they're on the wall as I'm walking past. So these shoes are something I've been coveting for a long, long time. Kitty face? Mary-jane style? Creeper soles? Made by TUK? They're a combination of lots of things I adore. So after constantly losing out to evil last-second bidders on ebay, and being too skint to justify paying full price for them (£50!!! Seriously!!!) I finally won a pair for under £15 a few weeks ago...and when I got home to find the parcel, you bet I threw my old skate shoes aside and pranced around in them doing housework for the rest of the night. Not before taking outfit photos though!

Red belt; New Look
Black vest top; Primark
Red leopard print skinnies; Mercy Clothing (rolled up into 3/4 lengths)
Spotty bandana; Internacionale
TUK kitty shoes; eBay
Hand octopus; as if by magic

I wore them to work the next day, and they were so incredibly comfortable - I lasted all day running around the studio and serving customers, although I will admit I suffered a major case of the Schweaty Feet-o's after sunbathing out on the Shoap Wall for a while...bringing me to my next point.

The freaking weather.
Scotland's summer has finally arrived, and the whole country has went ballistic. I didn't think that many people lived in my home town, until I saw what seemed to be the whole population of them flooding the high street (more than I really wanted to see if I'm honest; I'm looking at you, elderly neighbor who deems it necessary to cut the grass topless. Your mushroom nipples are giving me nightmares.)
I've also seen so much sore sunburn it's unbelievable. My sister didn't have any baby oil, so proceeded to slather herself in cooking oil in her desperation for a tan, and is now burnt to a crisp. I'm not about to lecture anyone on their SPF usage (although you are currently reading the blog of a religious applier of factor 50), but I do have some top advice for you!
  1. Aloe vera is fantastic for sunburn. Seriously, head to your local Holland & Barretts and get yourself a tube of this stuff - not only does it instantly soothe, it keeps it nice and cool, and it has antiseptic properties to stop it from getting worse. If you're on holiday in a hot place, keep your peepers peeled for a spiky plant with lots of triangular, thick leaves and break one off sneakily, and spread the oil on your poor wee burnt shoulders. Instant relief!
  2. Protect your tattoos from the sun. What, you think I'd get through a whole post without mentioning tattoos? Nonsense. In this case though, it's something I see every single day - faded tattoos, that have bled out and lost their colour, and look sad, sorry and blue (sometimes literally blue). This is sun damage, and you can help prevent it. Apply a minimum of factor30 to your healed tattoos (you can of course apply a lower spf to the rest of you, if you really want to...) to protect it from sun damage. This will keep them crisp, bright and clear for years to come. My boss's 1/2 sleeves are almost older than me, and they still look like they've been done 6months ago!
  3. Keep hydrated and make sure you have regular meals. I know I'm quite bad for not eating much when it's warm, and all I want is fruit, noodles or pizza. I'll even forget to drink water - but this could lead to serious dehydration, and low blood sugar levels, making you prone to fainting or being sick. Check yo'self, etc etc.
  4. DO NOT CUT YOUR GRASS NAKED. Especially if you're male. What I read involving an unfortunate man and how he lost an argument with a strimmer is making my phantom penis want to curl up and hide from grass cutting appliances and my bad temper.
As it's been so lovely, we all got dressed up (or dressed down, whichever way you look at it) for Zara and Kriss's flat party at the weekend. We don't all get the chance to get together these days as everyone is working weird shifts, so it was great to see everyone in the same room for the first time in over three months! I wore a red lacy top, my sparkly lacy H&M shorts from this haul post, the tights from my previous OOTD, and my Docs. I had a bronze smoky eye going on (thankyou Urban Decay palette!) with bold brows and nude lips, teamed with a massive orange beehive. As per usual, I rushed myself and got no photos. And as per usual, there's a reason I don't have many classy photos from the party...
...because we don't do 'classy' when it comes to parties. To sum up the night, I got given a lapdance again by Sarah, we sang old mosher tunes all night, slapped poor Gav's sunburned shoulders till he nearly turned purple, played Motherfucker (the best and worst drinking/card game in the world), and I somehow ended up Zara's loft unable to get down. Oh, and vodka jelly shots - nothing more needs to be said about that, I think...

All in all it's been a good week. I have some reviews ready to be posted this week instead of constant OOTD's, and I'm possibly retiring one of my centre labrets and both side ones. All for a good cause though - after spending a long time weighing up the pros and cons, and working out whether I'd be up for the long healing process, I'm getting my cheeks pierced!

For now though, I'll leave you all a picture from the weekend that doesn't involve debauchery - me and my newest little family member, my cousin Shauni's gorgeous daughter Laila :)

Lots of love,

ps; this was my first time attempting a photo collage - I feel like posting like 6 different photos just makes outfit posts unneccessarily long. What do you guys think?

Monday, 21 May 2012

OOTD; The "Buttons, Boots & Boobs" Edition

I enjoy a good 'window shop' as much as the next person, but like most of you, I tend to go for what I know I suit. Tried and true stands the test of time, and if I actually buy anything I normally end up with something black, red, spotty, or all three. Does it have big buttons? Pop it in the basket. Does it have a rounded collar? Why not, throw that in as well! Does it make me look about four years younger than I actually am? Yeah, why not, that can go in too...
For a while I was really annoyed about it, that I was just so comfortable in one set style, and tried new things, which I ultimately didn't like. I finally accepted that I like my style, a kind of mix between the 1950's and lolita, and that it can stay.

Until I dyed my hair, that is.
Most of my red clothing is slightly pinky, and it clashes horribly. The black and white washes me out and makes me look sallow. So it was time to actually branch out into new colours: teals, blues, violets, and golds!
For now though, possibly the last full black outfit you'll see from me for a while...
Pussybow dress: New Look, £10 in sale
Lace peter pan collar cardigan with rose buttons; £4, ebay
X-ray skeleton hand cameo: Sweet Delirium, £5 in sale
Chevron patterned tights: £3.00, George by Asda
Lace up boots: Christmas present
Graveyard bag; Salvation Army (label says TopShop)

The dress itself is actually INCREDIBLY low cut, right down to my moth tattoo on my sternum, so it generally gets covered with cardigans, this one being one of my favourites! The ties are meant to be down the front of the cleavage, but I detached them so I could make it into a pussybow :)

Apologies for the crap quality picture - I accidentally deleted it off my phone and had to retrieve it from Instagram...

Speaking of cleavage, my next gripe: boobs.
Yes, boobs. Be prepared for a slight bit of TMI, but I'm sure everyone has had a boobie-related nightmare in the changing rooms at one point.
I was trying on some dresses that were in the sale yesterday (I am a shop assistant's worst nightmare, I'll bring loads into the changing room and rarely ever actually buy it!) as I was up the town, one of which had a cut-away on the sternum. I mentioned my moth tattoo - it sits under my boobs, and goes up onto them (yes, it fucking hurt.) and I've always wondered if there was a piece of clothing I could wear that would show it off without showing EVERYTHING else. So I tried the dress on, and the bottom of my bra was in the way, so I took that off too - and my boobs didn't fit in the cup. My nips were nearly popping out of the top of the cup, and through the cut-away, fair enough you could see my little hand-poked moth, but you could also see gratuitous amounts of underboob.
It's not as if I picked out a tiny dress and squeezed myself into it just to complain; it was actually a size larger than I normally go for, and the cups were still far too small. Why are there no dressses that allow room for bigger boobs?! It really annoys me that I have to buy a few sizes up in nice dresses, and it's always a lose-lose situation - either buy the bigger size and have it fitting nicely around the bust but baggy everywhere else, or buy the size I am normally but have the dreaded double-boob effect. The only place I know that allows for larger chests is Debenhams!

Rant over for this week (no, seriously, I promise I'm done!), here's my make up...
ELF eyeprimer in Champagne
120 palette (darkest black, chalky black, light grey, taupe)
Benefit Browzings
Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner (literally scraping the barrel!)
Diorshow mascara

To wrap up, I'll leave you with my favourite song from the album I played while getting ready today. Not really much of a story to this song, except maybe watch who you hire for your kids birthday party..*shrugs*

Love, Amii

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Snap-Happy Sunday #3

Goodbye plain old plugs, hello glittery ones...!
This week has felt like it's dragged on and on for some reason - it doesn't help that it's been absolutely horrible outside. Though the sun came out today, that's been the best weather we've had in months! I don't have many photos to upload as I've been busy at work and haven't had time for capturing snapshots, and Brandon hasn't been very wel so when I do get home I just cuddle into him. As for what I have, enjoy...

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

OOTD; The "I'm A Girl For Christ Sake" Edition

 As I may have mentioned, I've been feeling less like myself lately. So I'm working to get back into habits I've dropped - I'm taking more time doing my hair and make up to feel good about myself. I even posted a picture of myself on Instagram where I'd managed a rolled up fringe! So I decided to incorporate it into an outfit on my day off.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins, £7
Necklace: My fabulous Rachael-love of Bunny's Beads
Polkadot Flatforms: Ebay, £14 (label says ASOS)
Corset: £110, Snobz

That's right, I'm laced up! I'm at around 27.5" at the moment, I've been settled at that size for a long time, only because I'm not really trying too hard to lace tighter. I'm sleeping in my corset again to get used to wearing it more, and my posture is improving in leaps and bounds during the day.

I'm wearing my hair in a rolled-under 'bumper' fringe - and let me tell you right now, that was about a million times trickier to do than victory rolls, even though they're essentially the same technique! I feel like I'm comfortable with them now, would you guys be interested in a tutorial?
Hair featured consists of two high victory rolls, a rolled under fringe, and finger-brushed pin-curls.

In keeping with the kitsch-rockabilly theme, I decided to go for my flamingo cameo, made by my fabulous friend Rachael, who makes most of the jewellery I wear :) I feel like I hit a bit of a milestone here - The only black I wore was on the skinny belt, and even then I swapped it over later on for a rosy pink to match the flatforms, and threw a cardigan on, buttoned at the top secretary style. I realised when I went to wear some things that I own that I'm too used to having dark hair that goes with everything - some things actually CLASHED with the ginger I tried something different and feel like it paid off.

Despite being of an alien colourscheme to me, and to be way too pretty-pretty past what I normally wear, I felt amazing :) It's so weird how the clothes you wear can change your attitude, isnt it? The combination of being two inches taller with a waist more than two inches smaller made me feel really good about myself :) Unfortunately Scotland was under a big black cloud of torrential rain on Sunday so I didn't even get to leave the house. I'm up town tomorrow to pierce in the afternoon (which is going amazingly by the way, I need to get a post up about it soon!) so I think in the morning I may treat myself to the red version and the black version of this dress - my local BHS is doing these for £7 each, when the RRP was nearly £30!!!

Although this was a bit of a soft, girly look, I spent the whole time (two hours...jeezo!) getting ready listening to ska and reggae...enjoy, chaps!

Love, Amii

Monday, 14 May 2012

REVIEW&TUTORIAL: Benefit Browzings

I know I'm really late to the party with this one, but I get really bad guilt trips whenever I buy a beauty product that I don't need, and when my Benefit BabeCake shaded in its final brow, I knew I could justify this.
NB; I've had BabeCake for so long, I'm not even sure they make it anymore...eek.
This is of course the legendary Browzings brow kit by Benefit. When I was struggling to spend my £50 voucher, I passed the make up counter and a little light went off in my head so I just took that and a gorgeous peter pan collar dress by Red Herring to the counter before I could talk myself out of it...

The Packaging...
Browzings comes in a little card box, normal by Benefit's standards, as are the quirky fonts, retro-style graphic design and bright eye-catching colours. Not really much to say on that, apart from I felt guilty having to throw it away as it was taking up space in my box, and fiddly to put the brow kit back in after using it. (I AM AN ECO WARRIOR. Not a good one though...)
Inside is the brow kit itself - a sharp-looking matte compact, with "Browzings" in shinier letters across it in different font styles, and a cute 'how to' guide on using it.
 All in all, pretty, pleasing to the eye, maybe slightly over the top - but if you're used to Benefit and their typically cutesy ways of using packaging, then it's all good.

The Product...
After years of using BabeCake, I'm used to having a large awkward hard angled brush to dip into water, dab on kitchen paper then work into the palette to get my colour and attempt to apply smoothly to my brows. So it's a bit weird switching from pencil or BC to something where everything is in the compact already - it's nice though! Saves a lot of faffing around. I documented* my usage of it and how I managed to create the look:
*read as 'took many stupid half-blinking photos where my eyes, instead of looking elegant and cat-like, looked as though I'd sat through the Notebook as I squinted into the sun. Nice!
Well, step one for me was brushing my brows, as my next HD Brows appointment is long overdue, and I'm too scared to cut them myself with nail scissors. But yes, the first step is applying the pigmented wax to your brows in short, swift motions to make all the hair uniform, and to basically outline where you want to shade in. It went on smoothly, didn't clump on the brush too much, although I did need to dip back in two or three times to do the one eyebrow - but considering how little you need to use, it isn't so bad.
This is how it looks with just the wax:
So neatened, slightly shaded, but a little shiny...
Now for the powder to fill in your brows. Again, a little bit went a seriously long way, and because the brush was both rounded and flat, I could not only use the fuller top part to shade the main inner arch, but I could also turn it on its side to end my brows with a fine, sharp point. The wax immediately soaked up the powder, leaving them opaque, matte, and even. Perfect!
I deliberately didn't do my left eyebrow so I could do a comparision between the two (if you will excuse the caterpillar brows, the bridge piercing scar and the smudgy eyeliner)...
The difference is staggering!

The Result...?

Pros; Quick and easy to use
No horrible fake-perfumey/chemical smell
Despite the brushes being small, they worked better than the larger ones I have!
Everything is so compact and neat, can literally do them on the go and be done in five minutes
Bolder, neater brows of course!

Cons; The tweezers aren't all that fantastic, I found hair kept slipping out of it, but I think that may be in part due to my long disuse of tweezers...
Although it says the colour is 'dark', it's more a reddy-brown colour blends perfectly with my ginger hair, I can imagine being slightly disappointed at using this if I still had black hair.
It's very slightly just a tad (LOADS) out of my normal price range at £22.50 (BabeCake was a Christmas present)

Verdict: 4/5 - I love this, I have no idea how I've managed to live without it! The only thing bringing it down from a perfect 5 is the price if I'm honest - I'm not one to spend tonnes on make up, and I doubt I would have had the balls to buy this if I didn't have a voucher. In saying that, you do get quite a bit for your money, it's just that anything over £10 on make up I consider a bit of a 'splurge'...

Can you live without your Browzings?


Monday, 7 May 2012

REVIEW: Osmo Berber Oil

 If you think about it, on a daily basis we put our hair through a lot - straighten it, curl it, backcomb it into massive styles and then tug it all back out again - and it suffers a lot. I've been on the hunt for something to help smooth my hair out, and lessen the look of the damage caused between getting it trimmed. So I was curious to see how Berber Oils would affect my hair condition, and gave them a test drive...

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Snap-Happy Sunday #2

 I thought for a moment there I was going to return to usual blogging consistency after my little laptop blowing up on me, but lo and behold the electronical gods decided it was not to be, and my monitor for my ancient PC packed in on Friday. Sad times! I've managed to fish an even older one out of my mum's loft, so it's back to business as normal - or even more so, keep your peepers peeled for Wednesday's post!

I've not taken many pictures this past wee while, so I've made up for it by making sure they're good ones :)


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

REVIEW: Bourjois Liner Feutre Liquid Liner

 After Collection 2000 broke my heart and changed the sponges for their liquid eyeliners (and changed their name too apparently - what the hell, guys?!) I've been on the hunt for a new liner to replace them. At the Scottish Beauty Show I found this in Bourjous' bargain bin while frantically rummaging for their Ombre eyeshadow; which by the way, they only had in a hideous pea green colour. No thankyou.
 I decided to give it a whirl and see how it stood against the various other liners I've tried over the years. More after the jump...

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Day I Became Ginger.

 It's been about three months since I first used Colour B4, and since then it's been a bit of a bumpy ride getting my hair the way I want it to be. After I published the original post, I waited a few weeks and used L'Oreal Paris Feria dye on it, expecting to wash it off and have beautiful flaming locks. Well, as Rabbie Burns said, the best laid plans do gang aft agley, and boy did they...

Be warned; long post ahead, a tutorial, a how-to, a step-by-step process of how I dyed my hair.