Friday, 22 June 2012


Who are this week's awesome bloggers?

Kirsty is without a doubt one of my favourite people. She's funny, vile, and has kick-started her blog again recently - my favourite posts from her are updates on her tattoos, her craftiness and when she reveals her undying love for all things Disney. We were friends on twitter before blog-land - plus, she likes chippy pickles too. What's not to love?

Amy was one of the first people I followed when I started ScarletPout - her reviews are in depth, honest, and she blogs about everything from her days out, to music, to the best beauty buys. She's one of those people you feel like you just really want to be friends with! Not only that, but she has THE most awesome taste in music (AKA we like the same bands haha!)

Lydia's love for make-up knows no bounds - she's not afraid to experiment and come up with new and interesting looks! Her photos are always lovely, clear and detailed, and she writes informed, step-by-step instructions whenever she posts hair&make-up tutorials. Even when they're not tut-posts, somehow you always leave her blog having learned something you didn't before! She is also a massive comic fan, which in my books instantly makes her a total BAMF.

If there was ever someone I had hair envy of, it's Milly - IT'S SO SHINY! She blogs about everything from new online stores to check out, to her amazing nail art, to her adventures at festivals. She's incredibly sweet, and her outfit posts always leave me incredibly envious!

Get your bums on these blogs and show these awesome ladies some love!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


One thing I have a slight obsession with is insects. They're just so interesting. and incredibly beautiful at times. I've collected my top creepy crawly finds online to share with you.
And I really must credit this whole Wishful Wednesday to the amazing Ashley, who inspired me with his braw wee brooches on this post here.

I spied this little beauty on Yumi, a haven for pretty, quirky dresses at fantastic prices. This gorgeous light dress is perfect for summer with its floaty fabric and butterfly print, and the little details like the drawn-in waist and capped sleeve just makes it work also helps that it's only £25.00! I can imagine sauntering around the beach in this with my sandals in one hand, and a FAB icecream in the other...

A few years ago, insect effigies were the 'in thing' to have emblazoned as prints, as belt buckles, and as my personal favourites, brooches. River Island were really into it, and I was far too skint to afford a gorgeous thick waist cincher belt that was covered in rhinestone bugs. These days they're starting to pop up again, so I've got my top three for you here, scattered around the webesphere.
Antique Art Noveau beetle brooch, with agate stone, from Etsy seller LUXXOR - AMAZING detail.

Creepily lifelike, but equally beautiful moonstone spider brooch, from My Vintage Diamond Rings

Surprisingly, this is from Monsoon...this fly brooch is very similar to a gorgeous bumble bee ring I got from Primark last year...I wore it once and haven't been able to find it since :(
Steampunk-style bumble bee pin with moving cog parts, by Etsy seller Steampunk Trunk, who are sadly no longer available...there are many similar to this, but none as unusual.


featured Sweet Delirium last year, and this was one of the pieces Elspeth had made - all of her skulls and insects have been ethically sourced, and this real beetle is no exception. The flash of green on its casing goes beautifully with the feathers and tiny flowers, and although SD has changed name to The Curiology Store and leans more towards fairytale and Victorian styles, this remains one of my firm favourites of her past creations. (Also; who doesn't love tiny top hats, seriously?)


This is the work of the fabulous Natasha of Madam Salami (yes, the lovely lady who donated the brocade purple corset to me!), and I have to say I'd be too scared to write in it - it's too pretty to use! It's hand-drawn, and she can custom make other things for you as well - her deer skull pillows are amazing. If I owned this, I think I would need a cute little satchel adorned with embroidered spiderwebs to give this a travel method it deserves!


Go to Enchanted Leaves and pour over their selection of woodcut gems, the butterflies are stunning too.

Is it sad I knew this was a Yellow Shell moth before I even saw the description? Maybe, yes, but I adore moths. They are like vampire butterflies, and they're fuzzy. (So much adoration for them that I have one tattooed, and have plans for more, but that's besides the point. Almost.) There is something about woodcut jewellery that just makes you feel decadent, even when it's brand new, probably because you know it's going to last the years - even more so when it's statement jewellery like this. The attention to detail is insane, and I kind of need to have this.

So this is it; the start of my new super-organised blogging schedule. It's nice knowing in advance what I have that I can write about, with some ideas etc jotted down.
Keep those peepers peeled for a new feature on Friday, some familiar faces may be there...

And in conclusion, I present to you possibly the most perfect song choice that ever could have been picked for this post. Ladies and gents, The Cramps.

Love, Amii

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

REVIEW: AKA Cosmetics

The lovely folks behind Touch Media invited me down to the unveiling of AKA Cosmetics in London last month, but I couldn't attend - so they sent me some products to try so I wouldn't miss out! I've given them a go, and it's a bit exciting as I rarely jump into brands I've never even swatched before, or read any reviews of...

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

OOTD; The "Blouses, Bowties & Betty Bangs" Edition

This is a bit of a combined OOTD today - we have a special guest featuring in it...

Blouse: Charity shop, label says Dotty P's (featured in this Snap-Happy Sunday)
High waisted jeans: Primark
Bow tie: hairclip from Primark
Flower: Internacionale
Doc Martens: TK Maxx

So it's a little blurry...I'm still trying to figure out how to make collages/diptychs in a way that I like, and I'm still not super happy with my camera skills, but they will do until I can find an a personal photographer maybe? ;)

Blouses and bowties aside, I'd like to bring another issue that's been rattling my brain for the past while: Betty bangs. Read more after the jump...

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Planning to Plan Blogs...

  This isn't a fashion or beauty related post, but it occured to me while I had no computer and was desperate to blog, that I had no idea how I really planned my posts. I used to be very organised, and wrote down ideas, possible outfit posts, etc in my filofax, and would eventually get round to them. Then when I got my new phone back in November, I scheduled things in the fancy schmancy calendar on it, and tried to follow that. But I fell off the organisational wagon, and as a result wishlists ended up a month late, tutorials were left unpublished and incomplete, and posts became erratic and I didn't know what the hell I was doing.

 So I decided that it was time I took the blog by the horns (I crack myself up, I really do) and that I should develop some sort of blog plan.And you know what that means... STATIONERY SHOPPING! It's like being back at school, that week before the summer holidays end...I might even buy a 101 Dalmations pencil case...

Super pretty Russian doll organiser - nicely laid out, big open pages, and the best thing? It has a popper to keep it shut and stop the pages getting all bent inside my bag!
Totoro Diary
 Unfortunately there's no price for this, and when I went to the link to try and find out where I could possibly buy it, it linked to, a Japanese retailer who shut down last year :( But there's a similar (but not as pretty) one on this site.

Ridiculously adorable planners, with an assortment of different inlets you can put inside - weekly, monthly or even year planners, stickers, post it notes and pens are included and the price depends on what you choose! *squeals*

 I had a wee flick through this last week in Rymans, and it has big enough pages to hold a lot of info. The only problem is if I were to pop post its inside it might not close properly as it's hard back. In saying that, it's my two favourite colours...
I don't know anyone who doesn't love Domo-kun. And if you don't, you're heartless - I think I'd be tonnes more excited about having to sort my blog-life out if it was in this planner!

It's not just notebooks and organisers I'm showing the love for...

No office is complete in my opinion without the trusty old heart-shaped post-it. I used these in school to help me study, to remind me things on my calendar, and to stick it to people's backs with incredibly un-funny slogans.
...Okay, maybe it was me who got the sticky notes plastered on my back. Not bitter at all, honest.

Nyanko Kitty? Stickers? BOWS? I'm sold.

 I love their wee faces! I'd like to think that I'd use something like this to remind me when I have events/blog meets coming up, so they stand out :)

...Okay, maybe just standard post-it notes will do, but stickers are just so AWESOME.

Is it sad that I get so excited about these kinds of things? I have a little niggling in the back of my head that I might be forever 7 years old, nagging my mum for the teddy bear erasers from Somerfield...Oh well, at least by the end of this I will be organised for once, and I can finally follow some sort of blog plan to keep my posts consistent, and to have my ideas and thoughts all in the one book would be amazing.

Please tell me there are other stationery-philes out there? If so, what do you use to plan your blog posts?


This post was inspired by Kaylah from The Dainty Squid's post on blog opened my eyes to how messy and random my style of posting was, and I think I'm going to prefer the idea of having set days for set posts. Thanks, Kaylah! x