Friday, 27 July 2012

REVIEW: Revlon PhotoReady Primer

 As a girl with a 'Scottish tan' (it's all natural, I swear!) I struggle to find foundations that both match my skin and provide good coverage. I picked this up thinking I'd hit the make-up jackpot, but realised my mistake when I got home. I'd never used a facial primer before, so I looked forward to see how it worked for me...

Sunday, 22 July 2012


 It's not often I get excited about pretty clothes....well, okay, that's a massive lie, but it makes me insanely happy when I find a website with a bit of a difference, that struts its way to the front of the croud and stands out from it proudly - and one of those is most definitely
Offering loads of different styles of dresses for all occaisions, LBD runs possibly one of the most varied sites of one subject, the coveted little black dress, and manages to span every possible area and covers whenever one might be needed. They truly strive to push up-and-coming designers to the front of a bustling fashion scene, something that is close to my heart. The best part? It's not just dresses they sell!

I have spent many hours pouring over the site itself, and just had to make a wishlist from it, which I'm sure will make you open a new tab to have a nosy...

1, 2, 3, 4
Fearnley's dresses are seriously something else. They manage to encompass a whole load of major trends and combine them in the one garment, creating dresses that not only look amazing and bold, they don't clash and look ridiculous. Instead they manage to pull off the insane, and look incredibly classy and high-fashion - for the brave, the bold, and not for the faint-hearted!

1, 2, 3, 4
These dresses give a not-so-subtle nod to eras gone by, while still being totally wearable and modern. Gorgeous deep gem colours, massive variety of styles, and an all-important incorporation of style references from some of the most defining moments in the history of fashion - the sleekly chic flapper girls of the 20's, the ultra-glam Golden Era of the 40's, the adorable cheesecake pin-ups of the 50's...the list is endless, and fun to look through!

1, 2, 3
Everyone loves a bit of out-there hosiery, and where better to look than Candy Baker? Combining classic tights with diamantes and 'gold leaf', somehow these tights manage to border on tacky in ideas and come out looking kitsch and inventive. There are art noveau-inspired ones, butterflies, bows, scallop-shells, and an interesting collection based on metallic elements. One things for sure, no one will miss you if you walk in the room wearing a pair of these! kindly offered to send me a dress from one of their designers, Quontum, to I gave it a test drive. Any excuse to play dress up, really!

Super quick delivery! The postman must think I'm mental, I squealed and threw open the door before he even chapped...
What's this...? Could this be a peplum...?
Ta daaa! A strap-less tube dress with white peplum detail.
Excuse the blatant bum picture - but peplum's are fantastic for creating a bit of a curve and giving the illusion of having a smaller waist...a great fit, nice material, even if the peplum just wouldn't stay flat haha!
Not only does it make a pretty party dress, you can dress it down easily with a cropped jacket, cardigan or blazer for day-time wear. I'm well aware I'm getting my pose on now, but I was having so much fun with this mini-photoshoot! Do you honestly know the last time I wore heels? Because I don't!
psst; note my glittery plugs I wore a while back? I'm finally wearing them!
Now, the test that most dresses fail on for me: the boobie test. But this one passed! Perfect fit! It didn't cut in, the stretch in the material was enough to accomodate my bust without being too loose, fitting just perfectly :)

The only thing I will say about this dress, is that although it is fitted under the bust and in at the waist where the material for the peplum skirt is attatched, I am too short to fit that properly - it comes down to below my knees! So I've tucked it under and in on these photos, but you can barely notice it as it blends that well and the material disguises it nicely.

So thankyou LBD for the stunning dress, and thankyou to you lovely readers for sitting through a long post. What do you think of What would you buy from there?

Lots of love,

DISCLAIMER: Although this dress was supplied to me for review purposes, it obviously does not affect my opinion in any way. I strive to give honest, thorough reviews, and I would never comprimise this for ScarletPout. I was not paid for this review or the wishlist, as is obvious by previous posts I like putting lesser-known designers, be it for fashion or jewellery, into the spotlight for more exposure when they clearly deserve it - everyone needs a little love for their hard work! xxx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Benefit V.I.P. Morning!

On twitter, Benefit tweeted about members of their Scottish team, who were aiming to meet and greet bloggers and let them learn more about the brand and the products. One of these was Claire, who invited me to take part in a Benefit V.I.P. pamper session. Of course I couldn't say no!

I headed along to House of Fraser on Thursday morning (and admittedly, unsurprisingly, got a bit lost in the massive department store) and met with the Claire and her team of lovely ladies. After being kept fed and watered with endless glasses of orange juice and yummy strawberry milkshake donuts (MMM!), we got cracking. Claire's main aim was to help me try a look I'd never normally of course we went for all natural!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

OOTD: Cheeky Cheeks, Churning Stomachs & Chapters New...

I'll just leave this photo here, and see if any of you notice something new...

Dress: Red Herring by Debenhams
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Bracelet: Bunny's Beads
Bow: Primark
Belt&Tights: New Look
Shoes: TUK, Ebay

Struggling a bit? Need a clue? Oh, okay then...
Hooray, cheek piercings! I've waited for years for them, as they are notoriously difficult to heal and can cause serious scarring, not to mention major drooling if they hit the wrong gland. But I've decided that now is the time, after weighing all the pros and cons, and I've never felt this elated over a piercing!
 I'm about to write my experience, but I will warn you if you are slightly squeamish you may not want to read, and just skip to the end of the post...