Thursday, 25 October 2012

OOTD & REVIEW: The 'Wigs, Whining, & Cosy Warm' Edition

Notice something a little different...?

No, I haven't gone completely bonkers and ruined all that effort fixing my hair... It's a wig!
 After having the week from hell, I came home to do what I had planned to do from Monday - absolutely sod all. The most strenuous action was getting into my jammies and occasionally getting up to grab a packet of McCoys. But while browsing clothing sites and trying to cheer myself up through internet-window-shopping, I stumbled across an old favourite of mine to look through... Geisha Wigs. And it really had been a crappy week for I thought, why just browse? Why not BUY?

....So I did.

 I've followed the antics of Geisha Wigs, for the better part of six months. She always interacts with her customers, posts photos of pleased-looking patrons and collections of fabulously styled wigs of all colours and lengths. And I've been facing that eternal and internal battle all women have when we finally achieve the hair we have coveted and put ourselves through months of work for... 'But I'm bored of it now'. Well, I'm not sick of the ginger, I don't think I ever will be, but I've always wanted to have an alternative in case I want to look a little different one day to the next...and a wig is the solution, where there is no faffing with bleaching or box dyes, no freaking out about damaged ends, and of course no thinking 'Oh christ, I hate it and I'm stuck with it' that sometimes comes with a drastic hair change.

The wig itself is fantastic quality - it actually feels like real hair, not like the usual plastic, wiry, Hallowe'en costume nightmares that normally come to mind when we thing of the word 'wig'. It's silky and smooth, and styles brilliantly on a low heat. I have had it a month and I haven't even had the dreaded 'wig knot' yet - any little tangles brush out easily. It came with a wig cap, a net to keep it neat whilst it's being stored, and also a little sparkly kitty sticker as part of Geisha Wig's loyalty card scheme, not to mention it arrived within a week of my initial order.

My wig's so easy to style and wear, you can bet I'll be buying more...I've got the fake hair bug! You guys can check out Geisha Wigs on facebook!

Oh wait, the rest of my outfit....right...
A vintage brooch, present from my friends Beth and Sarah, and the comfiest jumper ever  - AND it matches my hair, sadly enough
Oh, and you can see my gorgeous new Sabo wood plugs with a heart cut-out in the centre! kind of...

Of course, everything else I had planned for the blog this month including new nail art I've been doing, an Autumn series, and a post on the Scottish Bloggers Pub Quiz (which was awesome, our team Untitled Post won!) have went down the drain with numerous outfit posts as my phone camera is buggering up and not focusing/seeing colour correctly, as you can see from some of the photos above. I think it's high time I actually invested in a camera as not only is the camera rubbish, the battery life is shocking as well. Le sigh!

Speaking of unfairness in the world, Charmaine is a wonderful woman who runs indie company Mushme Latex - and she needs our help! Mushme is just starting to kick off, but she needs funding - if you're like me and not only love latex clothing and accessories AND want to help support smaller businesses, get donating, it's all for a good cause! You can donate here: Mushme Latex Donations :D

Lot's of love and fallen leaves (happy Autumn!)

Thursday, 18 October 2012


So I haven't played on Polyore for a while, and I saw that the jacket I fell in love with in Summer is now in the sale for only FIFTEEN QUID. Isn't it a shame I actually can't afford it though, the C word is mere months away and I can't bare to spend more money than instead I made an outfit of it.

Jacket - H&M
Creepers - eBay (but TUK do a much nicer version with a thicker sole!)
Skirt - H&M
Bag - Matalan
Tights - H&M
Earrings - New Look
Necklace - Fable&Fury on Etsy

I'd also pop on this gorgeous knitted headband by Georgia, who runs the adorable online store Beauxoxo!

I think it makes the perfect outfit, don't you?
Shame it's now far too cold (already!) up here for it! Which reminds me: I still have to figure out an outfit for the Scottish blogger's pub quiz, ran by Paula from The Brantastic Life!

What's your favourite Autumn wardrobe piece?


Monday, 1 October 2012

MODIFIED MONDAY: So you want to be a body piercer?

 From my early pre-teen years, I knew that body piercing was something I definitely wanted to do. I loved the idea of modifying my body, and although I was far too young to get anything myself I knew for certain it was something I wanted to do to other people. But as an eleven year old who only has her ears pierced (and doesn't even wear earrings) it was hard to get people to take me seriously. Eventually, nearly ten years down the line, I'm in my dream career and loving it.

It isn't all roses and kittens though. There is so much involved in just preparing for it, let alone actually doing it - and that's even if you get into a studio. I've decided to start my little diary series with one of the questions I get asked the most:

How do I become a body piercer?