Sunday, 30 December 2012

OOTD&REVIEW: The "Taxidermy and Tattoos" Edition

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and happy Solstice to those who celebrated it! Unfortunately we were all a bit under the weather for it, so I didn't get many pictures - Brandon carried his three-year-strong tradition of projectile vomiting early Christmas morning, and we were all floored by that bloody Noro virus. Despite that, we had a brilliant day and he was spoiled rotten :)

This is a little late simply for that reason - I'm behind in all my reviews at the moment and it's driving me insane, I haven't managed to get any photos sorted and the lighting has been awful for me to try to get outfit photos and make up swatches done which is annoying! But these were taken a few weeks ago, thanks to my handy old Ikea lamp which has now sadly kicked the bucket thanks to my cat thinking it would be a comfy spot to sleep on/knock over...

I woke up to two lovely packages a few weeks ago: the first was my wig sent to me with consideration by the fabulous Geisha Wigs*, and the second was a piece of jewellery from Glasgow-based store Tatty Bon. TB are pretty much all-rounders, offering up-cycled vintage clothing, jewellery and nick-nacks, and are very well known on the fair circuit! Sadly, their shop in Trongate shut down this year, but they still run an online store and are at various fairs in Glasgow and Edinburgh at the weekends.
I'm friends with them on facebook, and when they announced they were thinking of making jewellery from real butterflies and moths (all passed from natural causes) I was right in there, asking for a brooch to be made - and to top it all, my lovely friend Rachael of Bunny's Beads bought me it for Christmas and sent it to me :)

It's gorgeous! Unfortunately, my wee phone camera just couldn't get a clear photo of its wings, but they are an iridescent green-brown-gold: the only way I can describe it is like M.A.C.'s "Golden Olive pigment. I was worried that it would be really fragile and prone to breakage, especially around its wings, but as it's encased in rock-hard resin, it's held up well and survived a Christmas party!

And here she is! My beautiful new wig, "Caramel". For some reason the portrait option on my phone also adds in a 'beauty' option which made it nice and clear on my phone screen, but turns out weird and blurred at parts, so apologies for that. Thanks to the lighting I've tried to edit this to get it as close to the colour as possible, but it's not really worked as well as I'd hoped! Resolution for 2013: become more computer savvy!

Caramel is a little thinner and more lightweight than Winter (which I reviewed here!) due to it being a bit shorter and layered, but that just means it sits exactly as it would as if it were real hair. As per Geisha Wigs' usual quality, it's soft, silky and very full - I've worn in it victory rolls and curled the fringe, and there still has been no sign of the base underneath! I've since brushed out the curls so they aren't so 'ringlet-y', and are now soft, bouncy curls. There's also more volume to this wig than Winter as well, which is great for pinning it into a small beehive, and thats down to the layers in it. The fringe can be moved to either side, and can even be cut into a style as there's so much hair there, but I've left it as it arrived so I can put it to either side, and when attacked with a little bit of extra-hold hairspray it sits perfectly :)

Here's an example of it brushed out :) As you can see it's a stunning light reddy-brown colour, so Caramel really is the perfect name for it! And I'm also showing off some of my spoils in the New Look sale. To the right is B-boy on Christmas Day - he was well enough for a couple of hours to get dressed for dinner and have his toys, he looks like a little Doctor Who! His hair looks like it's been gelled, but it's actually icing from him faceplanting a cupcake...let's just say life is never dull with a toddler around!

You may have noticed a little something peeking over the top of my dresses...what's that?
I know, I know, horrible shiny fresh photo, and because I'm holding the camera my arm is raised and it looks off...but this is the result of three hours of work and a failed Ametop application! :D It needs a little bit touched up at the bottom of the locket (boobies aren't fun!) but otherwise it is perfect! This is a design that has been worked and reworked since I was about 14. Kev, one of the artists in the studio, eventually drew it up and sized it up for me, and at the start of December, six years after the original idea, it's here :) It's not finished yet - I think we'll be adding gentle black and grey swirls in the background, but I wanted something essentially that just sat at the top of my chest, and fit in well. I've had lots of compliments on it so far, the best one being 'It looks like it's always been there!'

This will be the last post until after the New Year: this is a time for family, gorging on food, crap telly and only getting dressed to run to the shop for more munchies...and I plan on spending it this way to the fullest :)

Take care everyone! I wish you a happy and safe Hogmanay :)


Tuesday, 18 December 2012



The past seven days have been nothing but awesome. I got to see my Granny and Auntie who stay in Blackpool, I scored a vintage pair of Louis Vuitton's for a tenner at the GWBP fair I was working (more on that later...much, much more...), and I've been in contact with some of the sweetest PR people I've ever had the pleasure of speaking to. Some were for clothing, some for accessories, and the most recent one has been for the New Look PR team, letting me know I'd won the NL Daily Shape Challenge! *squeals* More on that later, I'll be showing off my spoils...*evil laughter*

One of the loveliest yet has been Aldora of Akumu Ink, who are a clothing and art company based in Montreal. They're heavily inspired by Japan, horror culture (after all, 'akumu' is Japanese for 'nightmare'!), quirky pop art and lowbrow tattoo-inspired art. When Aldora offered to send me a t-shirt, I decided to pick one that combined one of my favourite animals with one of my favourite films...
Bats and The Birds!

Despite shipping taking a while (I blame you, nosy custom officials!), I received it within a few weeks, and flung it on as soon as I opened it. The material is of good quality, as is the print - it's not one of those rubbish almost 'painted on' ones, where you know it will eventually peel off in the wash, it's made to last. One thing I'm always worried about when I buy t-shirts is that it either fits my boobs and drowns my waist, or makes me feel like a freshly wrapped sausage. Yet Akumu Ink have clearly taken a lady's shape into consideration, as this actually fits both perfectly!

 Not only that, but it's super bright...this is the only picture I could get really where you could see both the quality of the print and how RED it is :)

I have a little compilation of my favourites from the website - for both you girls and your guys! 

On top of the awesome graphics and fab quality, the prices are great - it works out roughly £17.50 for a t-shirt, and if you join their facebook page you can keep updated on when new designs are released!

DISCLAIMER: This t-shirt was gifted to me to review. I pride myself in being honest when reviewing items such as this, and will not give a warped review just because the item was not paid for by my own money. 

Sunday, 16 December 2012

OOTD: The "Leopard Print, Lack of Lipstick and Going Loopy" Edition

 So, like I said earlier this week, it's already if time wasn't slipping away as quick as it is, someone seems to have pressed some cosmological fast forward button and the days are flying in, and I'm realising this is going to be yet another unorganised year with me and Andrew running around Smith's the toyshop at half-past nine on the Thursday night before Christmas! But I'm doing my best to try and slow things down and stress as little as possible among the manic shoppers, the crazies that seem to be unleashed on the street at this time of year, and various family goings on.

One of the ways I like to de-stress is play dress up...obviously!

Dress: Primark
Necklace: c/o Extreme Largeness
Nails: took forever...

This awesome necklace are courtesy of super-cute jewellery site Extreme Largeness who have the most awesome range of laser cut pieces! They have set themes too, so if there is a certain style you're looking for, they have different categories with different accessories and pieces of jewellery in them. They also offer a personalising service, like my name necklace above - perfect for Christmas presents! My package arrived quickly, with a lovely handwritten note :)
And of course, no jewellery shop would be complete without adorable cat and stag rings...
I was sent the name necklace, and also this one:
Which shall be kept for the outfit for the shop party :) I love that they cater to everyone's styles...and plus there is a roller derby section, what's not to love? ;) They support their local team, Manchester Roller Girls, and I think it's fantastic that a jewellery company is choosing to advertise them...especially with awesome designs like these!

Apologies for the weirdly laid out post, for some reason it's not letting me format images like I used to since I changed my layout! I'm going to have to do a wee bit fiddling around with HTML again...But hooray! Another amazing jewellery company :) And after 'road testing' the necklaces for the past few weeks I can safely say they have survived the rough and tumble of me working, running like a madman Christmas shopping, and also it has survived Brandon as well...testament to good quality jewellery!


DISCLAIMER: This jewellery was sent to me to review by the company. It does not affect my opinion or sway the review in their favor. I strive to provide honest posts when it comes to jewellery, and I want to spread the word of online stores I feel people need to check out and support! x

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Dressing to fit your shape this season!


I was having a nosy on the New Look site when I came across this on NL Daily - they're having a bloggers competition where you can win £100 vouchers!

So, surprise surprise, I chose black red and leopard print...but there's a reason for this! Not only is it one of the most classic clothing combinations in the world, this outfit has the perfect mix of textures and balance to create the ultimate homage we hourglass shapes deserve - to our body shapes!
With this outfit I can see myself combining it with loose, shiny curled hair, fire engine red lips and the biggest smile ever. This is a seriously beautiful dress, it's not only classy it's timeless, which you need for that kind of style. (AND it's on offer!)

Have YOU entered the New Look competition yet?


Sunday, 2 December 2012

Holy crap, it's December.

First off, can I just be really smug and say how proud I am of the layout I made?! It took me hours, but is finally done! What do you all think?

I cannot believe it's that time of year already - it literally feels like just weeks ago I was writing about going to my friend's 21st, LAST year!
I've got some awesome posts coming up for you all: Christmas gift guides for those who are a little harder to buy for, amazing winter deals scattered across the interwebs, and I'm holding a '12 Days of Party Dresses' series, and the best part?
Everything is compiled of sale items, alternative designers, indie shops and small Etsy stores showing you how you can affordably celebrate Christmas this year - in style!

This is a time of year where it's hard on everyone money-wise, and as you all know I whole-heartedly support home-made items and smaller shops - why buy a gift that a million other people have bought too, when you can support the hand-made industry and give a gift that's carefully made with love and care, AND unique to boot?

If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Share the hand-made love!

In other news, we have decorated the house, Snap-Happy Sundays are making a comeback, and I have some exciting reviews coming up for you all, and some awesome brands to share with you! Also the Scottish Bloggers Christmas Party is just over a week away, and I'm scouting for the perfect Christmas jumper... I saw this one and was devastated that it's sold out everywhere! (and the fact that it's like £50...) ANGEL OF DEAAAATH-mas!

And lastly, I'd like to say thank you to you all for being so kind and welcoming Leigh-Ann into the blogging community :) The feedback and support she's received is so heart-warming and is making her feel really positive about blogging!

This is a bit of a half-arsed update post, but like I said I've lots in the pipeline, and a busy month ahead!

Take care,