Saturday, 19 January 2013


We all know how easy it is to find alternative clothing these days, especially what with a lot of styles that a few years ago would have been considered part of that style are now a staple of modern day fashion, like creepers and the leather and studs trend! The only thing that has bugged me for a long while is the fact you have to trawl through the internet just to find good brands, like Criminal Damage and Collectif at a decent price...and if there's something you really want, you can't always rely on eBay!

Well, I was contacted recently by Freestyle Extreme, an online clothing site who not only stock great brands at good prices, they also have all the favourites (and more!) all in the one place! Like a big, online, alternative mall :D they very kindly offered to send me something to review from Iron Fist's latest collection,  and I chose this beautiful skirt.

Surprise, surprise, I chose Iron Fist's stunning hounds tooth bondage skirt. It reminds me of the style of skirts that H&M and New Look are famous for, except its a lot comfier and keeps my dignity intact (aka I don't flash people if I lean over!) I make no secret of my obsession with polkadots, but houndstooth is one pattern that is slowly but surely a recurring theme in my outfits - and this unusual '8-bit' style is fast becoming a staple in my wardrobe! Although I will say as I have white wide hips in comparison to my waist it did make me look a little bigger...but this would be perfect for slimmer ladies who are looking to create a on hourglass illusion!

It did come with a little skull and chain attached, but it came off when I wore it out that day. This cute rose is also detachable, and I've already used it for a brooch on my cardigans once or twice :)

As per Iron Fist's standards, the material is soft and the skirt is well made. It also has a lot of give in the elastic, which I tested by accident when I wore it out to dinner.
Note to self: warn Andrew beforehand that you CAN devour a whole 16oz rib eye steak to yourself, and you WILL if you are challenged...
Top (which is actually a dress!) :: Logo
Skirt :: c/o Freestyle Extreme
Shoes :: Dotty P's, a Christmas gift!
Bracelet: Kreepsville 666, also an Xmas gift!
Cat ears :: ridiculously cute and totally necessary. I think. Oh, from Calire's Accessories!

This was shipped very quickly, and I received it in perfect condition :) my only niggle was the chain coming off so quickly, but other than that I love it :) 

If you guys want to have a nosy, I've picked my top three items from Iron Fist's latest collection!

Lastly, a belated Happy New Year to you all! I had some posts scheduled, but as per usual Blogger doesn't want to play ball, and none of them posted on time, including this...which was scheduled for last week!!

Take care everyone, and thanks again to Freestyle Extreme for the lovely skirt :) be sure to check them out folks!