Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Hooray For Boobies!

Everyone has a good bra. It may be a pretty, lacy one that makes you feel good, or a plain but ridiculously comfy one you never want to take off. I've still to find myself a good bra: from all the sets I've bought over the years they've either given me a cracking cleavage but leave me clawing to pull it off before the end of the day, or they've worn like a dream but left the girls looking deflated and sad. This blog is no stranger to my bra gripes, especially those deceivingly gorgeous bras that never seem to cater to bigger chests, so when Panache Lingerie contacted me to try their underwear I decided to put them to the test, and see if they could achieve the seemingly unachievable for me: the ultimate bra.

First off, their range is simply stunning, and for it being aimed at the more blessed in the breast department its really well priced. The prints are so pretty and feminine yet simple, and I set my heart on the Cleo Zia spot style. It was a little daunting I have to admit, I rarely buy new bras and when I do, they're always just plain black, balconette boring ones! There's no fear of any patterns or prints shining through as I always wear black and layer up as if I'm on an Arctic voyage (I'm in Scotland after all!) I just can't get my head around wearing patterned bras....as odd as that is!

The material is smooth, almost like a bikini, so there aren't any pesky seam lines showing through my top. The bottoms are sheer at the back, with the pattern at the front and fit beautifully too. Its a little low slung than what I usually go for (read: massive granny pants) but they made me feel like giving a little wiggle to my step. Change is sometimes for the better it seems!

Now for the big reveal...

Houston, we have cleavage! This bra makes my d├ęcolletage (to get a bit fancy!) look great - I couldn't stop pretending to adjust my bag when I wore it out to look and think, "They're really my boobs?!"

Sadly, although I love the set, this isn't the ultimate bra for me: I'm not sure if its maybe the cut of it, but it gave my boobs an almost conical look, like a gentler bullet bra. Fantastic news for all you retro lovers out there, but as for me I prefer a more rounded, natural look. If you want to get that Bombshell Betty style without having to cough up loads for traditional bullet bras, the Cleo range is perfect  you!

I was also sent St Tropez tanning lotion for the perfect winter cleavage, but I am a little moonbather and don't plan on stepping into the dangerous territory any time soon, so it was gifted to my sister who is currently writing up her thoughts on it after testing it for the past few weeks :) please check out Panache Lingerie's website and let me know your favourites!

Finally, allow me to say hello to my new followers and to my original lovelies - I've neglected the blog for a bit as I'm getting really caught up with work and roller derby, our men's team have their first bout in 8 weeks, keep your peepers peeled for updates on Bairn City Rollers later this week!


DISCLAIMER: this underwear set (and the resulting bangin' cleavage!) was gifted to my by Panache Lingerie. This does not sway my review in their favour - my opinions written here are my own and my reviews are always honest.