Wednesday, 29 May 2013

OOTD: The "Taps Aff, Buckie Oot" Edition

Last week, we had our few days of what probably will be our short Scottish summer. We relaxed, spent some time walking and at the park, and grabbed every opportunity to skate outside. On Tuesday morning at 5am, it was so light I could actually just pack my skates on and zoom around my neighborhood - not the best idea, as our street is incredibly uneven...thankfully the only person who saw me was a wee insomniac lady who stays at the top of the street!

So of course, sunny weather up here in the Central Belt means taps aff, and buckie oot! Or for me, legs out....

Dress: New Look
Taxidermied Moth brooch: Tatty Bon
Shoes: c/o Barratts
Wig: c/o Geisha Wigs

Unfortunately the editing software on my Nexus has stopped I only have raw images. Frustration!
But isn't this new wig beautiful? It's Wren, from my lovely sponsor Geisha Wigs. Wren isn't like any other wig I own - she's softer, finer, and much lighter. I think it's down to a different wig base (see below):

Left: Wren        Right: Caramel

Take Caramel, for example (you can see what Caramel looks like worn HERE) - the base is much firmer, but also makes it slightly heavier, where as Wren has a much softer, more pliable base. I think it's down to Caramel having much, much more hair, as you ca see from the wefts in the base - it's also much longer as well, so I guess a firmer base is better for holding it all!

Wren is a soft, wavy style, in a gentle light-brown colour. I've never owned a wig like this before, and I love it - perfect for adding a slightly less dramatic impact than most wigs. It slightly reminds me of Hermione Granger's hair too...cosplay idea, anyone?

Please excuse my wee lamp and sewing machine in the's a vintage Singer, and I've been fixing it up the past few months, but I also wanted to show off my lovely shoes!

Oh, and bruises galore, our first bout was just a few days before this was taken, so I'm still a little bit black and blue! These leopard print flatforms were sent to me by the lovely people at Barratts. I've never had much luck with flatforms (anyone remember the eBay disaster of 2012? I do. Painfully.) but these were too pretty to pass up - AND they're on sale at the moment too! They're quite comfy, and I was surprised I didn't have to break them in; it was a case of popping them on and heading out, which is fab as I despise the 'breaking in' period that you normally have to endure with pretty shoes like these! They're of a soft faux suede, and even though I've managed to scuff them already it doesn't show up, and they were like a dream.
A little plus note: if you're like me and have freakishly long monkey toes, these cover them up - something I never get with normal ballet pumps!

We had a bit of trouble originally getting sent out - I had chosen a pair of tall black wedges, but Barratts kindly emailed me immediately to say they were not suitable to be sent to a customer, so they would withold them. The lovely Kieron rectified this as quickly as he could, and within a few days of choosing the flatforms they reached me in perfect condition. I've always said it, and I'll say it again - customer service is just as important as the product, and thankfully Barratts are the same!

This has been my first OOTD in ages - I can't even remember the last time I properly posted one. I'm now getting to the point where our building is too busy for me to use the stairwell, and none of our rooms have enough light and spare blank space for me to use. Not only this, but I only have my little phone camera to use, which as you can see just isn't cutting it, and I really would not rather do any more 'so-so' outfit posts if I ca help it - I want to do them properly again! Do any of you guys have some good OOTD taking ideas? I'd love to hear them!

I'll leave you all with a funny .GIF that my teammate sent me from the bout. We lost, but still had a fantastic time! Everyone did really well, and we learned a lot from it. I apparently was like a little terrier, flying and flinging myself at blockers and jammers twice my size....That's me in the purple helmet breaking a wall for our jammer, Raven, to get through! (No purple helmet jokes please, heard them all before...)


DISCLAIMER: Although these products were sent to me for the purpose of reviewing, my opinion remains honest and true for my readers.
NB: "Taps aff and Buckie oot" roughly translates as "get your t-shirt off and crack open the Buckfast in the highstreet at 12 in the afternoon" ;)

Thursday, 2 May 2013


I didn't want to have to do it this soon: I was hoping we would have had a happy, long relationship together, for many more years to come. I didn't plan on it turning sour, and I never wanted it to come to this.

I dumped the ginger.

Clearly, I'm displeased. I loved my auburn hair, and that it never looked the same each time I dyed it. But after a while, I wanted to change it up a little for winter. So I popped a rich red over it (Garnier Nutrisse "strawberry") which I was unimpressed with it bleeding colour after every wash. Within a month, it had faded back. Then I tried Garnier Olia - this supposedly revolutionary hair dye, which contained oils and nutrients that didn't damage the hair during the dying process....

WELL. Not only was my hair left like straw, it was a patchy, streaky mess....and it was dark! It wasn't the beautiful vibrant red on the box, it was awful. And this is the reason I've not had any posts up for the past while! I've not known what to do with my hair, and just recently went back to the dark side.
Dress: H&M
Cardigan: New Look
Plugs: from a friend, originally from an old Etsy shop
Necklace: New Look
Ring & Hair Clips: c/o Drown Soda

And I have to say I'm enjoying it! Even if my face doesn't seem so :D these cute handmade jewellery pieces are making me even happier -they're by an awesome shop called Drown Soda - full of kewpie doll creepiness, glorious Fimo goodness and a psychobilly girl's dream! She has also just started a roller derby range, so go check them out!

Speaking of derby, I've been in hiding for a few you all know, I started training with a men's roller derby league way back in October. The plan was to train with them until fresh meat for a woman's league opened up....but Bairn City Rollers opened up into a co-ed league (Scotland's first men and women's league!) And from there, it snowballed into something amazing!

 Our men's team, The Skelpies, had their first bout, we skated 500 miles for charity, we've had three fresh meat intakes, we have some HUGE ideas in the pipeline - oh, and this....

Our women's teams first bout - which yours truly is proudly playing as part of the Central Belters! So between training, scrims, team meetings and social skates (and a whole lot of bruises) I haven't had the chance to blog. It's true what they say though, it actually takes over your life...and I've never been happier :)

I've set out some new posts for the next few weeks, all planned as I'm super busy training for the bout! If you're in Edinburgh on 18th of May, get down to and see some roller derby action!

Lots of love (even more than usual for staying with me during my sporadic posting this year!)

Amii xoxox