Thursday, 19 September 2013

REVIEW: Body Jewellery Shop

You life has done a Fresh Prince and has been flipped right upside down. After spending a lot of time thinking long and hard about things, and weighing my priorities, I left the studio at the beginning of August. I'm devastated that I've left my dream career, but hopefully it's just for the time being. My home life was seriously beginning to suffer as a result of Andrew getting a new job that works long hours, and us no longer able to afford childcare. Poor B was passed from family member to friend, with no stability, and he was suffering without any consistency in his life. Family is more important than anything I want to do by a long shot, so I gave up piercing. It's like a weight off my chest, but I'm utterly gutted.

I think that David from BodyJewelleryShop just knew when to step in like a wee knight in shining armour though, at the perfect moment, and cheered me up by offering me some pretties from the store! I decided to put their blackline to the test - if a company can get blackline jewellery right, then they're golden for the rest!

Before I did anything else, I checked how black the blackline really was. Sometimes when jewellery companies advertise black jewellery, it's PVD (dark annodised titanium) which means it's more of a deep brown-grey, and will fade back to the standard silver polish. But these are brilliant - no light spots, no fading, nothing! Lovely coated implant-grade surgical steel - wonderful :D

Secondly, I check the quality. Is the threading of the beads sticky or loose (does it jar as the ball is twisted on)? Are there any burrs or nicks on the posts? Is the surface shiny and smooth, or rough and dull? Again, passed all my checks! (I think you can all guess I'm quite particular....)

First up, the labrets.
I chose 2 x 1.2 x 8 micro labrets. In layman's terms, two labrets which were 1.2mm thick, and 8mm long. These were for my philtrum piercings. The thing that gets me the most about labrets is that the post of them could fit better than any other piece of jewellery you own, but the backing almost certainly lets you down. We've all heard about the high likelihood of gum recession among lip piercings, and I've suffered quite badly in that respect with my first philtrum piercing (all down to placement and the backings of labrets). But these labrets caught my eye, as the back is tiny - large enough to hold the piercing, but small enough not to irritate the surrounding tissue...and it's domed as you can see in that bad photo, which means it not only sits comfortably, it doesnt irritate my gums. Win! I also ordered a 1.6x8 for my lowbret, standard labret, which means the ball is slightly bigger - again, absolute perfection.

Can I just say, these are by far my favourites. I've never worn something so comfortable before that I need to check constantly that it's still there! And the beads go on so smoothly....(I'll stop drooling now, sorry!)

Next, we have two 1mm nose curls. The beads on these are really teeny, and as my nostril piercings have been stretched before I was scared these would just sink in, but no sign of that after a few weeks wear :) The only comment I'd have on these is that the posts are a bit long, and there isn't any option for what length you'd like it to be - but then again, I have a baby nose and I like my jewellery to be very close fitting :)
Now onto the horseshoe barbell. This is 1.6x8mm, and came with the option for 'caviar beads'. I've never tried anything with this option before, so I went for it - and I'm glad I have, as what it means is that it's a 3mm bead (the standard for 1.2mm jewellery) with a 1.6mm thread. Aka thicker jewellery with a tiny ball! HOW CUTE DOES IT LOOK. *squeal*
All I have to say on this is that the smaller bead means less space for threading...and 8mm is small even for my fingers - so not a lot of wiggle room for trying to thread it on! But after a few nose/finger acrobatics I managed...very very fiddly!
Here's all the nose jewellery close up...and my god, you can really tell my nose has been broken before!

Next up are two 28mm double flare solid acrylic flesh plugs - you have to be especially careful with jewellery for stretched earlobes, if there are even any slight scratches on the surface they will rip your sensitive skin to shreds. Happy to report though that these are ridiculously shiny and smooth, and wear like a dream! Although I do forget how heavy jewellery is, even at a smaller size than I'm used to...I don't have a photo of me wearing these though, as my skin has flared up horribly at the sides of my face (I have a weird skin condition called keratosis pilaris which sucks!).

Finally, the big one I was really looking forward to testing: a 1.6mm internally threaded barbell.
Internally threaded jewellery is big in the States, and is just starting to hit here. It's better than the externally threaded stuff we're used to, as it doesnt have any potentially sharp threading that can scratch your piercing and irritate it and also won't harbor bacteria, as the threads that screw on are attatched to the tops rather than the posts! So it's much more suitable that way, for both healing and fully healed piercings. I was looking for sharp edges on the post, substandard threading that could lead to the top falling off and scratches...again, tip top condition! The tops were for my cheek surface anchors, however they were to come out the day after I took photos, and instead of my lovely wee piercings I now have two little dimples :(

I never trusted online jewellery companies before - I've pulled far too many sub-standard, low quality pieces of jewellery from customers who always say 'Well, I bought it online' to not be wary of them, but I was genuinely surprised by the quality (AND the price!) of Body Jewellery Shop's pieces. They also offer a lot of choice - so much in fact that it took me two days to decide what I wanted! Although I will always warn against cheap-as-chips body jewellery, they stock good quality pieces and have a wonderful customer service team and I'd definitely recommend them again!

Oh, and before I forget, let's end this lengthy post with a quick OOTD....
Top: a dress from a charity shop
Skirt: Red Herring (Debenhams)
Tights: from Andrew's mum, they're sparkly!

Docs: celebrating their 10th anniversary of being rescued from a charity shop by me!
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Wig: "Winter" with the fringe swept to the side, and with a few dreads installed by myself. C/O Geisha Wigs

Thank you all for reading! I'm slowly but surely getting into the swing of things again, as you know, just has a way of taking over, and these past few months have been a whirlwind. Thank you to my long time readers for bearing with me, and hello to new readers!

Lots of love,

DISCLAIMER: This jewellery was gifted to me for reviewing purposes by As always my reviews are honest, and if anything I've been much more scrupulous and taken a longer testing time as the quality of jewellery is very important to me - I check as though it's for a customer, so imagine how pleasantly surprised I am that an online company has disproven my dislike for online stores, funnily enough! The gift of the product does not sway my opinion in any way when it comes to reviewing it. Thank you for reading!