Thursday, 30 January 2014

OOTD: The "Derby Transformation - Ta Daaa!" Edition

One of the things I love most about derby is the transformation you go through for it, both mental and physical. And I'm not just talking about weight-wise like the last time I posted about it, I mean the process I go through every single time, whether I'm playing a bout or attending practice - and I know a few others are the same.

There's a few different causes for this: first off, unlike any other sport I can think of, we choose 'names' to go by. Normally they're a play on words, altered to suit derby or a personality. There's the brilliantly clever (Admiral Attackbar, Ref Goldblum, Skartoo D2) and then there's the wonderfully vile (Justin Ballsdeep, Clitastrophy, and my personal favourite, C*nty McTaintstain. Yes, that's an actual name someone skates under!) and everything in between in the derby world. I personally skate under Strawberry Switchblade (like a crap, crabby version of Miss Shortcake) and only later found out it's actually the name of a band from the 80's!
I've found that since adopting a derby name, that it was the first step to transforming into my 'derby alter ego'. Not becoming someone else entirely - but like a more colourful, larger-than-life version of myself.

Secondly, kitting up. Since that first session of fresh meat, as I'd said previously my confidence came on in leaps and bounds. I trusted my body more to do things I never imagined it could do, and trusted other people to keep themself safe on track. By the time I'd passed my mins, I felt better about myself than I had in years. And since then, I can feel myself becoming more confident and sure of my abilities with every piece of kit I put on, from my helmet to my skates. I'm not going to say I use my kit like armour, but again it makes me feel great to know what I can do - I'm not by any means an amazing skater, but at this point I'm a better skater than I ever could have imagined, and that's a self-confidence booster in itself!


Thirdly, one of the things that splits the derby community right down in the middle in opinions: war paint. Some players are vehemently opposed to war paint. I like the idea of dressing up - call it left over love from drama class, I'm quite partial to a wee bit of facepaint! Some add a couple of stars, some glue gems to their face, and some go all out and fully paint masks on themself. I started off with wearing plasters to protect my cheek piercings, and by my first bout that had progressed to black tape across my cheeks. Now that the piercings are gone, the war paint remains, and yeah, it does make me feel fierce, as cheesy as that sounds! It's just adding to that 'alter ego' feeling, like I'm Amii 2.0

And finally, my team. In fact, anyone I've ever skated with. Many people within derby really come into their own by showing leadership and being able to take command of a whole roomful of people, and guide them into working their hardest, striving to be their best. And even those on the sidelines, who may speak with a quieter voice, still provide that same inspiration and drive to do better with gentle encouragement. I've encountered both in the past year or so, and it's done the world of good. Whether it's being screamed "You CAN go faster, you WILL get that final lap!" as you're pushing to complete your 25 in 5, or a big hug with the assurance "Trust me, you're doing great!", it's still a massive boost to both your determination and your confidence, and most of all, the willingness to try. 
It makes you want to do better, not just for yourself, but for your team - you're only as strong as your weakest player, and the encouragement just makes you want to do your best, so you can strengthen everything overall.
This runs through everyone, be it in a social skate when you just can't seem to crack how to transition, or right before a bout when you feel like you're going to vomit all over your sparkly hot pants - the people make it worth doing even when you feel like giving up, because they're there to stop you (even when you know you have no reason to), to give you a shoulder check and lovingly tell you 'Man the fuck up and carry on.' 

I know all of this personally to ring true to me:
Amii is shy, quiet, won't stand up for herself, and couldn't say boo to a goose. Amii dresses conservatively, in twee collared dresses, cardigans, clunky Mary-Janes and thick tights.
Strawbs though, she's vocal, with a huge pivot voice, holds it together, isn't easily intimidated, and won't hesitate to try to take down players twice her size. She wears the things Amii would never dare to wear off track, and emulates everything she ever wanted to be, but was too scared to - confident, self-assured, assertive, and most of all, something Amii has never felt before powerful.

Does any of this make sense? I have no real idea, I just know I needed to get all of this written down somehow, it's been driving me crazy!
Does any of this apply to you guys, be it in derby or in the 'real world'? Let me know, lets start a discussion on it!

Love, Amii

Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Today's Wednesday Wig is featuring the gorgeous Magenta Dip
This is one of Geisha Wigs newer ones, and it just totally jumped out to me - it's a mixture of dark browns, fuschias and purples, and blends aren't something you see really often in wigs!

The ombre effect of the magenta and brown is really eye-catching - not so subtle that it's barely noticeable, but enough that it stands out and looks quite natural. I really like the thick fringe on it as well, I think you could cut a really choppy set of bangs in there and it would set it off really nicely with the blunt, curled ends!

Magenta Dip is made of synthetic fibres and 65cm in length, so although it's not ridiculously long it's just long enough that it makes quite a dramatic effect without being overboard - perfect for a wig, in my opinion! It's £22 from Geisha Wigs, and if you're feeling lucky she's hosting a "share to win" competition over on her Instagram of a gorgeous purple and pink lace front wig, a really dramatic version of Magenta Dip without a fringe!

This, along with last weeks Green Eyed Monster is on my ever growing 'to buy' list...I've never had a gradient wig before, so I'm looking forward to having it! Do you like the look of this wig? 

Love, Amii

Sunday, 26 January 2014


Oh, these ridiculous post names really tickle me!

Today has been a great day. Our roller derby team, Voodoo Roller Dollies, had a new fresh meat intake and they were wonderful - picked everything up really quickly, and were falling and stopping well just by the end of the session. My cousin also had a go and sickeningly did better than I did the first four months of my derby career!

Today also marks the last day of Brandon being just a toddler; tomorrow he goes to nursery, at the school he'll attend after next summer. I'm equal parts terrified and elated - my little monster's growing up, but at the same time, my little monster is growing up! I've been so emotional over it all day, I even burst into tears sorting his bag, what a wreck. I just can't believe that he's now big enough to go to nursery school, and he's not this tiny little thing who needs me around all the time and depends on me. I'm more nervous about tomorrow than he is!

What better way to distract yourself than whacking on a wig? (Did I mention I love alliteration?)

This beaut is Pixie by Geisha Wigs, and the necklace is by Punky Pins. I've had this wig a while, and have cut a blunt fringe into it, then pulled it back to the side - it's just so swishy and amazing! It did curl under the ends originally, but I've straightened it on a very low heat, with a damp towel between the straighteners and wig to protect the fibres. I just love the style of it, the way it's layered at the back really makes it feel like it's my actual hair.

The colour is much more true in the top photos, but I just wanted to show you what the back looks like!
As per usual, Geisha Wigs have provided great quality at an amazing price. This originally came with twin tails, but as it's not my style I think I'm going to use one tail to create really short Betty bangs I can clip into it, and take out again so I can still have a long swishy fringe. The other one will probably get cut up and made into tiny little dreads like what my first wig, Winter, has. I think this wig looks really cute when dressed up or down, but here I'm wearing it with a plain 3/4 sleeve top, a black pencil skirt, some old tights and my old hardly dressed up!
Geisha Wigs have actually just had a HUGE restock, so go take a look HERE and have a nosy, there's seven pages of wiggy lovelyness!

I'm also lying here craving steak pie like nobody's business - we had some last night as it was Burns Night (a Scottish tradition/holiday) and NO WHERE sold any neeps! (Turnips). So no haggis, no neeps, no tatties (potatoes) resulted in the yummiest steak pie ever, and now I'm wishing I'd saved it for tonight!

Did you guys have a nice weekend? I know at least some of you celebrated Burns Night! And I know for SURE that my gorgeous Carlyn (from Smoking Peaches) has had an amazing weekend, she got engaged! Go say congratulations!


Wednesday, 22 January 2014


I've decided to start this series to show off the amazing amount of stock that Geisha Wigs carries! It's not enough for me to talk about mine - I need to show the world all the wonderful wig she sells that I don't own...yet. 
So, first in our series is the beautiful Green Eyed Monster.

60cm long with a slight wave, this wig has a kind of gentle 1950's air about it! It's heat-safe too, so you can use your tongs or straighteners on it to change it up. You could even give it a bit of edge by giving it roots, which the beautiful Amber Skyline demonstrates how easy it is here!

Green Eyed Monster is only £20 - which just makes it all the sweeter! What do you think of it? Are you looking forward to a weekly wig write up? Let me know in the comments section below!
(NB; I'll never tire of that rhyming!)

Love, Amii

Monday, 20 January 2014

SPOTLIGHT: Punky Pins Valentine's Collection

I hate Valentine's Day. I've never celebrated it - I hate the stupid chocolates, I hate those daft wee teddies professing how much they 'LUV U', and I hate how sickly sweet the shops are decorated for the whole two months beforehand.
But what I do love, is the jewellery that's released for Valentine's...especially the smaller, quirkier stores, as they always seem to hit the right mark between sweet and fun. As usual, PunkyPins have the most amazing selection of lovely jewellery out - you never know, you might see the ideal gift for your sweetheart here!

1 :: 2 :: 3
1 :: 2 ::3
1 :: 2 :: 3
1 :: 2 :: 3

The fabulous folks at Punky Pins also offered to send me some lovely jewellery...I think they knew I was going to be spending my first one in nearly 10 years alone and felt bad haha!

The hot air balloon necklace is my second piece of wooden jewllery from PP, my first being my beloved strawberry charm necklace. It's really sweet, and has had some compliments so far! The only gripe I have with it is the edges are a little scratchy and rough so they caught on my top slightly, but with a little flick of clear nail varnish that was sorted.

As for the swan and heart necklace, it's just perfect. I love the detailling in the wigs and beak - although I had a slight altercation with a swan earlier this week, it hasn't put me off them and this lovely wee design. (Basically an evil bugger of a swan bit my knee and pulled my button off my coat - I had mental images of me wrestling a swan for my button in the canal, Crocodile Dundee-style...)
A huge picture of me was totally called for...if only to show off the gorgeous Amethyst from Geisha Wigs too!

Yet again, Punky Pins have totally hit the mark with their seasonal designs. The reason I give them such good reviews is because they never go far wrong with their pieces, and really appeal to the kitschy kid in me! If you're considering getting someone a piece from their Valentine's collection, you can even go that step further and get some of them customised to add names or intials - to make the deal even sweeter, you can get 10% off your order if you use the code scarletlove at the checkout!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did! Do you have any favourites?


Saturday, 11 January 2014


I've been drooling over Killstar's website for the past few months now, and after spotting the perfect leggings by them online, I really felt I had to do a feature to show how amazing their clothing is. They're an alternative clothing brand, supplying to the likes of DollsKill and Blue Banana - on their site they describe themselves as a "dark and edgy lifestyle cult, comprised of provocative thinking and unconventional ideas". Sounds promising!
Here are some of my favourites from their large collection of apparel...

1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4 :: 5
Satanicat: stealing your soul and replacing it with cutez.

1 :: 2 :: 3
I'm sorry, can we just talk about how even more fantastic that second dress is? Who DOESN'T love The Craft, honestly?

1 :: 2 :: 3
Everyone's idea of a great wooly jumper is one emblazoned with a burning Just me? Clearly not!

1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4

Right, those last leggings are called OCCULT, and I seriously need them in my life. The only shiny leggings I own are a pair of strawberry ones (which I don't trust to keep my arse in for much longer) and I really am pining for these. I saw them online a little while ago, and I keep going back and lusting after them, but not being able to justify them because I rarely wear leggings except for derby...and I couldn't bear to wear these, as I know they'd get wrecked. Well, I've decided sod it, I'm getting them - like I said, I need them in my life. They're PERFECT.

Killstar just seem like an all round brilliant alt brand to me - the right mix of cocky and fun with a huge dose of attitude (see the 'Motherfucking Grumpycat jumper on their site, you'll see what I mean) Combine that with amazing religious/occult/Satanic imagery, they look to be unstoppable.

Have a look on their site - what's your favourite from their collection?

Love, Amii

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

OOTD: The "Crazy Cat Lady" Edition

Today I had a 'day off' and actually left the house to meet up with my friend Kirstie - although I'll admit it still feels weird to go out without Brandon skipping by my side! We visited Old Time Classic, the studio our best friends run (in fact, the manager and body piercer, Leigh-Ann, actually has her own blog!) and had a girlie day out...drinking cider and scoffing huge steaks. It was great to have a catch up - we'll go through a couple of months without seeing eachother (especially as she works loads and I'm a bit of a hermit), and then when we get together again it's like it's only been a few days. 

Dress; Cat dress from H&M. Necklace; New Look. Brogues; Primark. Wig; Winter by Geisha Wigs. Ridiculously obvious spotty socks; just for you guys!

I love this dress. I wear it at least once a week, and have done since I got it back in December. For some reason it's never made it into an OOTD on here yet - well, here you go!

I've had a wonderful day, it was nice to relax and see some friends, and end it with my first training session of 2014 - although I'm sure I'll be sore in the morning!

Love, Amii

Sunday, 5 January 2014


Today should have been my first training session of 2014. Instead I'm nursing the lurgy while Brandon and I lie pathetically on the couch, cosied up under blankets while we watch endless episodes of Regular Show and Adventure Time.
Today is also the day that Hades Roller Boys play in 'DJAMGO' down in Montpellier to play against the Kamiquadz, so even though I'm too ill to skate I still want this Sunday to be derby filled: I present to you, a mini-fresh meat guide!

Saturday, 4 January 2014


If you read my blog post from the other day then you'll know I'm on a quest for happiness. Then what better time to stumble across 100 Happy Days? A few friends of mine had posted about it on fb, and I became curious.

Basically, it's an online project challenging you to document good days, or even moments, 100 days in a row. I love this idea: it might not be forcing optimism on you, but it's changing your perspective, to find the good in the bad - pretty much what life is about. It's not a competition - as they say, if you think that your happy moments are better than anyone else's, then you've already lost. The only aim of this is to teach you how to appreciate the good things, even if it's the little things in life. 

All you do is sign up for the challenge, and then choose the platform you're going to document your 100 happy days through - facebook, instagram, twitter, or you can even go anonymous and just email them daily updates. And then you get snapping, photographing good moments you've had each day, whether it was a nice long hot bath after a hard day, meeting up with an old friend, a family event or even finding a pretty flower you liked. You catalogue each one, and use your own hashtag if you want. At the end, you even get a little booklet that shows all your 100 days!

 I felt like a little lightbulb went off in my mind when I read the description page: it's something I feel really drawn to at a time where I need to reasses the way I'm living my life and viewing the world, and I hope if you're reading this that you go have a nosy and see if you're drawn to it too!

On Sunday 5th of January, I'm tracking my 100 happy days on @scarletpout on Instagram, or check out moments I've shared on hashtag cheeryweesoul :) 

Love, Amii

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid to endorse It seems like a good thing to try to increase positive, happy thoughts and I wanted to spread the word :) 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

OOTD: The "Sillyness, Sizing & Sales" Edition

I decided to treat myself while in Primark this week (remind me never to go shopping on Hogmanay again, yeah?) and picked up a couple of things I'd been on the lookout for.

I've had my eye on one of these dresses for ages. They seemed perfect for me: tartan, bows, collars, A-line skirts AND puffed sleeves? It's an Amii dress through and through.
I actually got it reduced as I'd noticed the strap wasn't attached to the dress, and the other one looked like it was coming off too. And as the shop was busy, I didn't bother trying it on - the last size 14 of that style in the whole shop? It sounded like fate!


This is if possible one of the most ill-fitting and unflattering dresses I've ever owned! The puff-sleeves are huge on the arms, while the chest and hips are tight, while the waist is massive? I've moaned about sizing issues on here before, but this is literally as if Primark has decided everyone is cylindrical and has all the proportions of a cheesestring, therefore lets make these badly fitted tube dresses that lures people in with the pretty details! Not only that, but the neck-hole is tiny, and it doesn't even have a zip!
Without a word of a lie, I sat for ten minutes wrestling with the underdress trying to match that up with the actual tartan piece. I'm sure I ended up doing a silverback roar of frustration before I ended up breaking the other strap. This felt like a good investment at the time - a seemingly ideal dress for a tenner would sound good to anyone! - but I'm put right back off Primark, just after I'd forgiven them for the whole jeans scenario (you don't want to know the jeans scenario.)

I also picked up some thick turquoise tights, some little brogues which make my feet look miniscule, and some Lush loveliness. The brooch is something I picked up from a vintage stall a year or so ago, it's really cute!

I feel bad for not posting a proper full-length OOTD, especially as this is my first one in a while, but I hate how this dress looks on me, it really is not flattering at all. I'm going to have a fiddle with the stitching, see if I can't bring it in at the waist more, and pleat it so there's some movement in that weird bell-shaped skirt.

Anyway, to wrap up I kind of felt like I was dressed like Annie, and after all, Annie is one of the BEST films to watch at this time of year (and every other day of the year really) so here's a little something for you to enjoy. Have you ever bought something and instantly regretted it after trying it on?


PS; My camera wouldn't pick up my nails! It's gradient, from black to full teal sparkles. I love teal, can you tell?
PPS; The jeans scenario is that when I lost weight I bought three pairs of jeans from Primark, and after a couple of months they all burst at the thighs within a week of eachother - so I was left without any fitting jeans, or the choice to wear ones which may or may not rip up and flash my noonie. Eeek...

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

I Don't Need No Resolution.

Happy 2014!

 I've been quiet on the internet front recently, my phone is gubbed (thanks Samsung, my fifth in three years ruined by a software problem!) And I've taken a step back so I can fully concentrate on the festive season with my family without worrying whose emails I was ignoring, or who's updates I was missing, etc. And I have to admit, I've seriously enjoyed being disconnected! But I've got big plans for 2014, this is the year I'm going to aim for bigger things - my only problem is I don't know what those things are yet.