Sunday, 23 February 2014

OOTD; The "Pigs & Big Wigs" Edition

This week has been a weird one for sure. It started off fantastic though!
Brandon started nursery school a few weeks ago, and had a day off on Monday, so we met up with my cousin and her little girl for a wee day out.
Shauni and I visited our Gran and Granda for a few hours, and took the kids along. Right beside their cottage is a big farm, with stables, horses, donkeys...AND PIGS.

How sweet are they? The pink one is Peppa, and the little shy dappled one is called Rosie. They're micro pigs, and are really well trained! The kids loved them - I don't think the feeling was mutual for the piglets though, think they were just gutted we didn't come armed with snacks for them. And surprisingly, they didn't smell!

Later on in the week I got the chance to finally play about with Jewel (which you may remember as my Wednesday Wig from last week!) and wear her out. I also tried out a deep smoky eye for the first time in a long time, using Vanilla, Evidence, Deep End and Ace from the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette

Necklace; c/o Drown Soda
Peplum; Cancer Research, label says Next
Cardigan; Cancer Research, label says H&M

Many apologies if these shots come out quite over exposed, I still haven't got the hang of iPhone photography - although I've learned how tapping different areas in an image changes the exposure. Ta, Youtube! I am utterly in love with this wig - so much in fact that this is my second one. It's just the colour that gets me; like I said in last week's WW, the colour is so incredibly vibrant and still manages to look like real hair. The curls are really bouncy and light, and I honestly feel like some kind of princess whenever I wear this!
So of course I went completely overboard and took hundreds of selfies just because I felt freakin' fabulous.

Case & point.

Speaking of Drown Soda, do you remember me mentioning them a year or so ago? Nat, the lovely lady behind the shop, sent me this adorable Kewpie doll necklace! We reconnected on Instagram last week, and I'm mega excited to not only get back in touch with her, but to be following all of her latest projects - take a look!

I think she pretty much had my heart at 'Big Bootay Bitches'...!

Sadly there won't be any more outfit posts for a while; I damaged ligaments AGAIN. This time it's my foot rather than my knee, but I'll still be out for a few weeks, and I'm incredibly frustrated, especially as we have our debut bout as the Dollies in six weeks. My Mam dropped off crutches for me to get Brandon to nursery, and I feel like an extra from Jeremy Kyle in them. Told you it's been an eventful week....aargh!

I hope you're all well!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Most people have 'that' friend who collects ridiculous cases, who always has some new weird cover or has THAT Rilakkuma chunky case, who collects home button stickers and pretty earphones that are totally impractical. I'm that guy. I was the girl in high school who had so many dangly, jingly charms on her phone that you could hear her walking down the corridor a mile off in a different department. I had an adorable collection of stickers and charms for the back of my phone and my mp3 player (in the days before iPods, this is what we used kids!). It was ostentatious, it was loud, and I fucking loved it.

So now that I've rejoined the tech-world (with an iPhone no less - let's just not speak of the almost-breakdown I had trying to figure out how to work it) there's a whole new world of charms and covers and gizmos opened up to me, and I'm not ashamed to say that I want them all! So I compiled a collection of my favourites to show you all, with some extras too.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


As it's been quite crazy for me recently, I skipped last week's Wednesday Wig. But to make up for it, this week's is a corker - one of my all-time favourites by Geisha WigsJewel!

At 60cm long, its lightly curled turquoise tresses certainly make an impact - the stock photo just doesn't give justice to how gorgeous and vibrant Jewel really is. When I first got it, I was amazed at how bright it was, but not 'fake joke shop wig' bright - it's as rich and as vivid as freshly dyed hair. In fact, I'd probably liken its true colour to Manic Panic's Atomic Turquoise in shade.

As per Geisha Wigs' usual standard, it has a nice shine to make it look realistic, without the awful plastic look that cheap wigs have. And when you add roots to it, it only makes it look all the more lifelike. Have a lookie if you don't believe me!
This is from Halloween, where my gorgeous friend Leigh-Ann cut a fringe into Jewel and went as a devil - she won first prize, and so she should have, the woman painted her whole body red for christ sake! (I'm wearing Waterbaby). You can see even with a camera flash the shine isn't totally overwhelming, just like real hair!

This is Jewel in natural lighting, and is true to its colour. It's really thick and swishy, although it's more wavy now as I've brushed the colour out!

Like all of the others Geisha Wigs offers, it comes with tightening straps inside, and instructions on care :) It's heat stylable, and at £20 it's a total steal!

What do you think of Jewel? Isn't the colour just divine? There's a reason everyone loves it so much!


Sunday, 9 February 2014

Exciting Times!

So, as you may have noticed I've been a little quiet on the blogging front... Well I can finally reveal why!
I've been given the opportunity to write for Rebelicious Magazine and have not only submitted an article that's on their website featuring Punky Pins, but a business profile I wrote on Geisha Wigs has been put into the actual magazine!

You can read the magazine online here, download it here, or you can buy it in print here - wooo!

I hope you guys have a read of the mag and tell them what you think, in fact you could be double awesome and fill in their readers survey and be up for the chance to win awesome things!

Love, Amii