Sunday, 15 March 2015

OUTFIT; The "Mammy Dearest & Maroon Darling" Edition

Happy Mother's Day!
Today was just wonderful. I've been utterly spoiled by the boys, and even got to have a cuppa in bed - although I didn't get my lie in, as a certain wee monster woke me up by jumping on top of me, with a big brickies bum and all...

Because I became a GTA Heist widow, last night I spent ages focusing on self care: I plonked myself in a roasting hot bath, did my eyebrows, thought about shaving my legs, and pinned my hair up. It's been so long since I've had both the time and the energy to, and it was lovely to have a little familiarity again. An old routine I used to do nightly. 

Dress; Dorothy Perkins
Bow; Claire's
Brooch; vintage, gift from a lovely friend
Shoes; c/o Barratt

And can we just talk about how glorious this dress is?! Dorothy Perkins had an amazing A/W collection last year, and I not only picked this up, I found the grey beauty from January's outfit post tucked away in the sale items too. No, you can never have too many polkadots! 

It felt really good to spend some time on myself and make a little effort. I dont leave the house often, and I find it really difficult mustering up the motivation to take care of myself and flick on a little make up when all I really want to do is sleep.

I sadly didn't get to see any of my amazing mother figures today, but I've spoken to them and had a good old giggle. I was also reminded how important it is to appreciate them, and although I don't buy into these kind of holidays normally, mothers day seems to strike a chord that way.

My mum and I are closer than ever, and I genuinely don't know what I'd do without her - she's been my mam, my dad, my rock, my everything. She's just the best - I wrote a big post about her last year, and this year I got to treat her for once too! Thank you Mam for being so amazing, sarcastic, and disgustingly hilarious. We love you!

I hope wherever you are, whatever you're doing, you're having a wonderful day and spending your Sunday with people you love and care about!
Meanwhile, we'll be spending the rest of the day in a chocolate-induced coma thanks to this monstrosity... Trust Andrew and Brandon to find my two favourite things combined - COOKIE PIZZA!


Friday, 13 March 2015


This is something I've been keeping under my hat for a little while, and I'm so excited to finally be able to share it with everyone!

BloggerRequests started an unusual blogger challenge, where a whole bunch of us were paired up to choose outfits from BonMarché ...the catch? We had to pick our partners outfits for them!
I was given the beautiful Becky from Mrs Bebe Blog... Y'know, she's only modelled collections from Evans and starred at events alongside Tess pressure there...!
I loved how she pulled off smart casual with ease, so I picked some things for her that I'm pretty sure she's going to rock
rock - check out her blog to see what she thought of my choices!

My package that Becky chose for me arrived yesterday. I ripped it open and let out a wee squeal - she'd picked the dress I'd been eyeing up while I was painstakingly figuring hers out! 

She'd also included a gorgeous little floral necklace and a Croc skin handbag!

This dress fits like a dream. It drapes beautifully, and and is so soft and lightweight. I'd spotted it and squinted my face a little thinking, "Oh no, maybe not..." but as soon as I put it on I fell in love! The print is so nice as well, the whole dress kind of makes me want to crash a wedding just so I have somewhere to show it off...

The necklace surprised me - its never something I'd pick for myself, and I was slightly skeptical when I opened it (I'm normally a silver kind of girl, and rarely a floral kind!) but its so sweet and pretty, it's growing on me (if I ever win any kind of award, it should totally be one for "worst puns ever")
My best "wistfully staring off in the distance" impression. Totally not trying too hard to pose, honestly.
The only thing I wasn't really sold on was the handbag - its lovely, don't get me wrong, but I'd normally go for bright, ridiculous and almost impractical bags that are likely to break after a few months. But it really does complete the outfit! 

All in all, I think Becky did a wonderful job picking out my outfit! She's chosen items I normally wouldn't wear and somehow transformed them into a classy, sweet set up. I can pretend I'm a lady! (emphasis on "pretend", a class act I ain't.)

This was so much fun and such a unique experience, and it's so much fun seeing what everyone will come up with! Thanks to Becky for bringing me out of black clothing for a while and choosing such gorgeous pieces, and thanks again to BonMarché and BloggerRequests for setting it up and bringing us all together!

A temporarily classier Amii

DISCLAIMER: These products were provided to me by BonMarché as part of the blogger challenge. This does not affect my opinion, and as always my opinion are always my own and honest.

Thursday, 12 March 2015


Aw come on, who is going to see an opportunity for a cheesy as hell title and not snatch that up? You know you're doing the hand/ear motions like Garth in Wayne's World, don't even lie!

Dancing and strange hand gestures aside, here's my new segment I'm hoping to kick off here on ScarletPout; CraftyPout!
I went through a lot in the last year. I learned new skills as well as taking up old ones, and I'd love to be able to share them with you all! One of my passions used to be dressmaking and altering/upcycling clothes, and I got back into that early this year. I'll tell you though, it's a challenge with a machine that's older than your gran!

Fabric & invisible zip; Remnant Kings

This was the first pattern I'd followed since high school, and it was like riding a bike, you never forget! (let's just ignore the fact that I never learned to ride a bike...I imagine it's a bit like that!) The 6262 is part of Simplicity's vintage range, so it has multiple size variations across two pieces of tissue. You measure yourself and follow the pattern pieces for your measurements - do not panic at the sizes though! Ready to wear sizes are completely different from modern shop dress sizes, so don't freak out if you need a size that's four times what you'd usually wear!

It also has the option to make four different dresses in the patterns, so after I measured myself I cut out the pieces for Dress C, a V-necked variation with pretty little sleeves.
I'd like to boast and say I sailed through it without a hitch, but we all know that's too easy and that kind of stuff never happens to me. Like I said, my machine is ancient (seriously, Wee Betty is over 100 years old) therefore it doesn't have things you take for granted with modern seam allowance markers, massive adjustable stitch lengths, and zipper foots. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate zips? I'll get to that later. 

Basically, I make my seam allowances wayyy too small as I didn't measure the right size, and after unpicking two hours worth of hand gathering and basting stitches; I thought my brain was goingbto break. So to take my mind of the inevitable rage quit that was about to happen, I sat down and made myself a hair scarf out of the same fabric before throwing myself back in.
Doesn't everyone make matching hair pieces? No? Okay...
 So long story short, a few days, more hand gathering, more hand basting, a broken iron and a lot of swearwords regarding zippers, I had my fox dress!

Yaaaay, it was all worth it!

No, but seriously, it was. After a minor adjustment to the waist and to the hemline, I'll be happy - its comfortable, the armholes are the perfect size, and I even prick stitched on the zipper which made me feel accomplished and happy with the shape of it by the end. The fabric is ridiculously adorable, and the pattern was quite easy to follow (if you pay attention to your seam lines, unlike me!)

This is my "I ACTUALLY FINISHED IT!" face.

I enjoyed making it in the end (and flouncing around in my newly stitched dress) so much that I've already started another, following the pattern for Dress A, which has a much higher neckline, and adding sleeves! Here's hoping I won't make this turn into a wrestling match with my sewing machine too...

Have you made your own clothes? Got any hilarious fails you fancy sharing? Chuck a comment below, we'll all have a giggle together!