Friday, 24 April 2015

CRAFTYPOUT || The Simplicity Sewing Challenge!

I mentioned in my hidden zip tutorial that I signed up for the Simplicity Sewing Challenge, where they invited bloggers to take some standard patterns and customise them. I'm honestly still on a high from finishing this dress and its given me a chance to really let my creative side out, as we had to make our entry stand out. So much so, that I ended up creating a whole DIY outfit around it! I chose the 6145 shift dress pattern, and spent a while choosing lovely fabric too - thank you, FabricRehab, you are officially an enabler.

I've been so excited about being able to wear it, and now the weather in Scotland is finally slightly more forgiving (heatwave? Aye right!) I can pop it on, with a little glittery extras too...

Sunday, 19 April 2015


First of all, before I start my review, I'd just like to say a huge thank you to everyone for welcoming me back as I ease myself into writing again! I'll admit it was slightly nerve wracking to start posting after a break, simply because I didn't know if I'd still love it, and if four years of hard work would end up as a stagnant site (and trust me, I have a lot of nerves to wrack!) 
So thank you, for your kind words, your encouragement, and for making this a wonderful experience. Big heart eyes for everyone!

Now let's get cracking - I present to you the gorgeous Silver Ombre by Geisha Wigs!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

CRAFTYPOUT || Invincible Invisible: hand sewing zips.

A few weeks ago, I had what I like to call a "Brave Day". Where I try to push past my fears and do my best to ignore my anxiety, and do things I've held myself back from. I applied to college, and to the Simplicity Blogger Challenge. I haven't heard back from the college yet (fingers crossed!) but within a day I found out I'd been accepted for the sewing challenge!

One problem though.