Tuesday, 12 May 2015

COLLECTION || The "Quirky Brooch Heaven" Edition

I'm a brooch collector. I admit it, it's out there in the open, it's said and done. I think nothing completes an outfit more or can give a little blast of personality to someone's style than a brooch. It can say so much, or just look freaking adorable. I have geeky ones, shouty ranty feminist ones (my personal favourite being "Fries B4 Guys" - yeah, I went there) and ridiculously twee vintage ones.

But for a while I've been curating a bunch of websites who stock some lovely pieces, particularly laser-cut acrylic styles, and I'd love to share them with you! May I present, the brooch collection of my your dreams!

1 || Frida Kahlo || 2 || Vintage Sewing Machine || 3 || Russian Doll || 4 || Glittery Balloon ||

5 || 50's Diner || 6 || Teapot || 7 || Lipsticks ||

8 || Penguin || 9 || Red Panda || 10 || T-Rex Skull || 11 || Skipping ||

And of course, we can't forget the collar clips - double brooch heaven, swoon!

1 || Knitting || 2 || Bats || 3 || Lipstick || 4 || Glittery Donuts ||

If I owned all of these, I'd be incredibly happy (also homeless, but WORTH IT.) so go, let me live vicariously through you, and wear ALL THE BROOCHES.

Do you have any favourites? Personally, the little diner and the lipstick collar clips are calling my name...


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  1. Ooh, so many of these are lush. I took delivery of a new brooch today, a tree with sparkly jewels on the branches. All of 2 quid from Amazon! xx


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