Saturday, 27 June 2015


It's been a difficult few weeks to say the least; our problem neighbor who's been keeping us up all night and risked our home being broken into has finally been evicted, and I finally got my CFS diagnosis. So I'm emotionally exhausted, and needed cheering up.

I think the PR team at Debenhams Flowers must be mind readers, because the very day after my diagnosis they dropped me an email asking if I'd like to review a bouquet of their flowers! Now I'll admit that's not normally my thing, but I've heard good things about their flowers, and I needed a little pick me up!

Thursday, 18 June 2015


Welcome to the first in what is hopefully a long running series: CollegePout! Where I document my time at college, share thrifty ideas for those of us on a low income, and also any bargains or tips and tricks I pick up along the way. 
Initially I wanted to do Youtube videos and have it running as a kind of vlog series alongside the blog; though I have to be honest, I stutter a lot, I don't get a lot of time in the day where I have peace to film, and I also have the most disgusting accent ever that probably would require subtitles. So here's hoping this is the beginning of something awesome, that can help current students, future students, or those of you who like a bargain and some easy reading on a weekday!

First things first, I wanted to kick off this series with a 'splash or save' style post. I'm not on the highest income in the world, as I have my own home with my boyfriend and son, and over the years I've learned how to scrimp, save and find the best bargains. I consider myself quite thrifty, and I spend a lot of time researching on what's the best product for the best price! So I decided to make this my first post, where you can see the most expensive vs the best value for money when it comes to college essentials!

Monday, 15 June 2015



As you all know, I'm a sucker for anything sparkly. I'm like a human magpie; if it glitters, I've got to have it. The same goes for body jewellery, if it makes me feel pretty, it's getting popped in!
Karma Se7en Body Jewellery offered to send me some sparkly pieces to review, and of course I couldn't say no!
Note; as I am an ex-body piercer, I'm exceptionally picky when it comes to body jewellery. I inspect it for quality just as though it was going to one of my customers. Therefore my reviews for body jewellery will always be more in depth than usual reviews!

The packaging the jewellery arrived in is just wonderful: once I opened the little cardboard box, each piece of jewellery was placed in its own tiny perspex case, and secured with elastic to make sure it isn't rattling around the case. The attention to detail, as well as the company logo over everything, is really refreshing and a nice change from just receiving jewellery in plastic bags like what a lot of companies do. The cases look quite handy for storing jewellery if I'm going away, to keep them safe! Onto the actual jewellery...


First up for review is the titanium open nose ring. This piece is 1.2x7mm, which means it's 1.2mm thick (standard for nose rings) and 7mm wide. I choose mine to be really small and close fitting as I've got a tiny nose, and my nose piercings are over 6 years old so are way past the swelling stage!
The finish is polished, scratch-free, high-shine, and there's no nicks or burrs to snag inside the piercing. Good to go! It's a tad fiddly to get in, as you have to put it in from the inside out so that the flat back will rest inside your nose, but once it was in the ring felt secure and comfortable, a perfect fit! I'd recommend this style for everyone who wants to wear a nose ring, but doesn't want the hassle of segment rings or the fiddly balls on ball closure rings (Ooh-err!)

Next up is the silver crystal nose stud. Again I opted for the 1.2mm thickness simply because that's what mine have sat at for so long. The stem of the stud isn't too long, it's made of 925 silver, the gem is nice and bright and shiny (and still is after an accidental dousing from some foundation, oops!) and it's comfortable to wear. My only little bother is that the gem is very small; that'd be fine for anyone else, but as my nose piercings are quite old and have been stretched larger and then settled back down, it can sit right inside the piercing sometimes! But that's just me. It's a beautiful wee piece, and makes me wonder why I stopped wearing studs for so long.


A bit of a different piece for you! The jewelled septum ring is a piece of jewellery I've loved the style of for so long; I've had cheaper clickers, and they don't even compare to how pretty this is! They're called clickers because instead of screwing in balls (again...ooh err!) or fiddling around with segment rings, they actually have tiny hinges and a catch, and the straight bar clicks in and out of place when you're wearing it, which leaves it really secure! I love this style, and it feels really feminine and pretty. The gems on it again are clear and bright, and were actually quite hard to try to photograph! My only gripe with this is that it's a tad too big for me (1.6x8mm)...I have a tiny nose though, and ideally I'd need a 7 or a 6mm to have it close fitting. It doesn't bother me though, it's just from personal preference that I like my nose jewellery REALLY tight fitted, but the reality is that not many places cater to weeny teeny noses! This is a good size though, and would sit well on most people.
They actually have a HUGE selection of septum jewellery available, check it out here!


Last but certainly not least, I have these gorgeous pieces to show you! These are filigree single flare eyelets, and they are absolutely stunning. I'm slowly working on stretching my ears again; once upon a time they were hitting 30mm, but I'm at 16mm now and I'd say that's the perfect size to showcase these tunnels. They sit just nicely, and are surprisingly comfortable to wear; I was worried they'd be a little bit heavy, but as they're surgical steel they're lighter than they would be if they were titanium, so they sit just so!

I felt so feminine and pretty with these in that I had to snap a few photos...
Sadly, the Alpine Green has faded on my greys and my silver streaks are showing... can I just be Rogue already?!



All in all I'm quite happy with these pieces; like I said before I'm a stickler for quality, but I couldn't find anything I disliked apart from the sizing (but again that's down to me being really really picky!). And the packaging has just floored me, it's adorable and feels like you're getting a gift!

If you see anything on the Karma Se7en site that you like, they actually have a buy one get one free on all jewellery, go take advantage and treat yourself to all the things!


Monday, 8 June 2015

REVIEW & TUTORIAL || La Riche Directions "Alpine Green", "Lagoon Blue", and Lightening Kit - Ombre Mermaid Hair!

Okay, I've been bad. I'm sorry. I promised I wouldn't mess around with my hair any more than I needed to. I've been so well behaved, barely using heat on it and only using semi-permanent dyes. But the need for mermaid hair is strong...and Blue Banana are pure enablers. Enablers, I tell you! They kindly allowed me to select a couple of Directions dyes and their bleach kit to try out and see if I could achieve my dream hair. 

Could it work on dark, unbleached hair? Would the bleach wreck my ends? Will I finally get mermaid hair? I'm well aware this is starting to sound like a clickbait article, but these were things I was wondering during the process.
And did I? Oh boy, did I.
Read on to find out...