Saturday, 8 August 2015


The lovely folks at  Karma Se7en have hooked me up with more sparklies to show you all! Including some rose gold...stay tuned for more! 

Click below to be bombarded with all manner of sparklies!

Clockwise from top: Imperial septum clickerjewelled septum segment ring"Goddess" septum clickerjewelled internally threaded labretplain polish labret
Bottom: KAOS SOFTWEAR "Earskins"

First up are two internally threaded labrets! I opted for a plain and a jewelled labret, just to see how they looked.

The titanium labret is actually super comfortable; the disk is rounded on the bottom, so it doesn't rub against my gums while I'm wearing it in my philtrum. And likewise, it's just as comfortable in my lower lip piercing (which I don't really wear jewellery in these days, but it's good to know I have a back up that won't irritate the hell out of my gums!)
The gem labret is just as comfortable, has a nice finish, and the bead is actually smaller, making it a little more discreet than a standard bar is. What makes these different from normal labret bars is that instead of screwing the ball onto the post, the post is hollow, and the ball actually has threading on it! It's a little fiddly if you aren't used to it, but with practice it's just as easy as a normal bar.


Next up is a pair of LINK Kaos softwear earskins. I've been known to wear silicone in my ears, especially once I got past 26mm; it's more lightweight and comfortable, but you can't always guarantee the materials are going to be of good quality.
 Kaos are the most well known and high quality suppliers of silicone wear, and earskins are something I've always wanted to get my grubby mits on! These are called earskins because they're very thin, super pliable, and as you can see once they're in your ears, they're firm enough to hold their shape while not looking too obtrusive!

Left; "Goddess" clicker and the jewelled internally threaded labret. Right; Kaos Softwear earskins doing their thaaang, and the jewelled segment ring

Finally, the big guns - septum clickers! You may remember from my last post on Karma Se7en that I tried out their jewelled clicker and fell in love. Well, now it has competition as these designs are just to die for!

Clockwise from top left: "Imperial", "Goddess" & jewelled segment ring

This hinged segment ring is so teeny and sweet; I find I've been wearing this the most as it's not as 'in your face' as some other clickers I own, and the crystals add that little bit extra sparkle. It's also very simple to put in; pull it gently apart, insert the bare section through your piercing, and click back into place! I was worried I'd have to break out the ring opening pliers for this like most other segment rings, but the hinge means it's really easy to change in and out, and it also means I don't spend twenty minutes swearing at myself trying to pop in a tiny segment!

Rose gold clicker, "Imperial". SO PRETTY.

These clickers, the Imperial and Goddess respectively, are a whole other story. Super shiny finish, surprisingly lightweight, and ridiculously eyecatching - all three make for an excellent piece of jewellery. I have a tiny nose, and I was worried these would look a little bit too much, but they're a dream to wear and don't get in the way at all.
The rose gold has completely captured my heart. I'm totally not a gold person at all, I'll opt for a silver piece of jewellery or plain polished titanium any day, but the shade is just beautiful. I can't wait to find more, I need a whole matching set of this now!

I can't wait to capture some different looks with all of these! From understated to full blown "LOOK AT MY FREAKING NOSE YOU GUYS, IT'S A GODDESS!", this collection just shows K7's versatility and range of jewellery available for all piercings. Why not check them out, let me know your favourite piece?

I can't wait to throw myself back into blogging again! My college money comes in this month which is just as well, as I've spent three days armed with a butter knife and a pair of scissors fiddling around with this old laptop just to get this post sorted. It's high time I got myself a new laptop, but while we're on the subject of electricals I managed to bag myself a beauty steal on eBay that I can't wait to share with you!
I've been quiet as it's the summer holidays and I have a hyper five year old who wants to do everything all at once! How have you spent your summer?


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