Tuesday, 13 October 2015

OOTD || The "Little, Large & Leafy" Edition

Long time no see! I've been completely overwhelmed with college and finally have some time for myself now the October break is underway. This is my favourite time of year, and I'm free to enjoy it for at least a week; although I can guarantee the weather is going to be rank for the rest of the holiday. Typical Scotland.

I've picked up a couple of bargains, namely a few new hair saviours by Lee Stafford (post is on the way, promise!) and some beauties via eBay... I may have a student loan but for once I'm using it wisely! I also redecorated as you can see - bye bye, horrible dingy walls! Hello ridiculously adorable owly room! Surpringly it was Andrew who settled on the paper (not before I brought home 20 different samples like a crazy lady and he chose the last bloody one. Typical!)
Anyway. Onto the outfit!