Tuesday, 13 October 2015

OOTD || The "Little, Large & Leafy" Edition

Long time no see! I've been completely overwhelmed with college and finally have some time for myself now the October break is underway. This is my favourite time of year, and I'm free to enjoy it for at least a week; although I can guarantee the weather is going to be rank for the rest of the holiday. Typical Scotland.

I've picked up a couple of bargains, namely a few new hair saviours by Lee Stafford (post is on the way, promise!) and some beauties via eBay... I may have a student loan but for once I'm using it wisely! I also redecorated as you can see - bye bye, horrible dingy walls! Hello ridiculously adorable owly room! Surpringly it was Andrew who settled on the paper (not before I brought home 20 different samples like a crazy lady and he chose the last bloody one. Typical!)
Anyway. Onto the outfit!

Silly faces foreverrr! 
Cardigan; charity shop
Top, skirt, rings, tights and boots; New Look
Necklace; Mysticum Luna
Geeky household things; absolutely essential

This necklace is just perfect! It's an Opalite sceptre one of my best friends got me, and I just thought it was incredibly thoughtful considering moonstone is one of my favourites and the properties it's meant to have are wonderful. If you like it, you should check out Mysticum Luna for more crystal pretties!

I've been pretty absent on here thanks to college and a massive CFS crash; I really overestimated my ability to juggle my energy with it and with Brandon starting school. So about a month in it hit me big time, and since then I've been lying low. I tried to cheer myself up with a long awaited hair cut and stupidly trusted a random salon I'd never been to before...yeah. No thinning out. No layers. A dry cut. Never good for someone with thick curly hair like mine - and BOOM, two years of growing it turned into a bad mushroom style. Thankfully the lovely Claire at
Damask in Falkirk fixed it for me and it's so much more manageable and versatile!
Everyone needs a cheesy head-shot style photo!

So I'm feeling a bit more human and ready to jump back into things! Like I said we redecorated...holy crap, the difference it has made in our tiny dingy livingroom is insane. It actually feels like a home now. We managed to do the whole thing for about £60 with paint from Wilkinsons, a few accessories and wallpaper from B&M and Home Bargains, and completely rearranging the living room. Plus all of our geeky things are spread around the room instead of confined to the bookcase so I have room for more books after the dreaded Great Book Cull of winter '14 (it was a difficult time for all. RIP horror collection.)

 Unfortunately I couldn't convince Andrew to part with the giant Creeper head! I also DIY'd that lamp with fabric left over from my Simplicity sewing challenge dress - that shit was hard work, it took less time to wallpaper than to rewire a bloody lamp!

So we are settling into our new jobs/college/school here, enjoying our old/new living room, and starting to get used to new routines. It finally feels like things are settling and it's all coming up Milhouse!
What about you guys? How are you spending your October Week?

Take care!
Amii x


  1. I can't get tired of halloween! One of the best celebrations each year. Love our decor!

    1. Totally agree! There's just something about the nights drawing in and the days getting colder, so cosy and lovely! Thank you 💖 xx

  2. That outfit is so cute! :D Glad to see you're doing better/are coming back to the blogosphere :)


    1. Thank you so much Jennifer! *heart eyes*

  3. Those nails!!!!!! <3


  4. Wow amazing nails! I love all the lights you have scattered around too :)

    1. Thank you Elise! It's a small, dark living room so I used lots of cheap fairy lights to try and lighten it up a little! x


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