Friday, 1 January 2016


I know, the pun is awful. I pride myself on my ridiculous plays on words. Oh well, starting as I mean to go on! A happy new year to you, and welcome to 2016! I don't make resolutions as it's like setting myself up to fail, but a new year feels like you're starting fresh, even though it's just another day. And one tradition I've always carried on is a long New Year's Day bath where I plan out my next 6 months and what I want to achieve. I never set anything in stone or promise myself to do it, but having a good think about what I want to do next, letting hopes and dreams and aspirations swirl around while I'm surrounded by bubbles always helps!

 I was lucky enough to be given some cracking beauty-related presents for Christmas, and also managed to nab some beauties in the sales earlier this week. Boots do a half-price offer on gift sets which means I can stock up on some Soap and Glory, and were still running their 3 for 2 deal, so I'm quite happy with my little spoils!

First up is the Bad Day Box: this includes travel sized Pulp Friction scrub, Foam Call wash, a full size Butter Yourself body butter and a shower puff. I'm grateful for the puff, as Brandon has a tendency to unravel mine within months! This was a gift from my best friend, and she also gave me Benefit's They're Real mascara, shown below!

Next up is S&G's Eye Box, which has collagen infused Thick N Fast mascara, Supercat felt tip eyeliner, Archery eyebrow kit and Smoulder Kohl eyeliner. This was a gift from my sister-in-law, and Archery is both our favourite product ever! It has a creamy crayon on one end and a super fine pen on the other for precise, bold brows. Perfection!

left; They're Real. Right; Thick N Fast
  Speaking of perfection, Thick N Fast and They're Real is a match made in heaven - I look like I have normal-length eyelashes with these, instead of the piddly stumps I usually have!

Excuse the bags and bloodshot eyes, I've been plagued with lurgy over Christmas!

Another offering from S&G is the Perfect scents kit. I picked this up thinking it was a perfume included, but it's actually a reed diffuser!  So the whole room smells like their signature rose and bergamot scent, with a hand-wash and lotion dispenser. 

Finally, a deal I picked up! I'd heard about the Rouge Edition lipstick from bourjois and snapped up some for myself! They're quite bizarre to use; they go on very glossy and thick, but dry to a matte, almost powdery finish. These are a little messier than other liquid lipsticks I've tried, but I love the shades! Peach Club is one I'd never have given a second look but it's so sweet and summery, so it's on reserve until the better weather shows up! 

I swatched them to show the colour pay off and how true to bottle it is, but if I put them on my lips there's no taking them off - they stain so you can build up to have heavier or lighter coverage, whatever you prefer. Personally one or two swipes does me fine, so I've included a wee snap of me wearing Red-volution below.

 I am now, as this has posted, soaking in the bath with a variety of lotions and potions, an old book, and plenty of ideas for the future bubbling around my head. For 2016 all I really want is for me and my loved ones to be happy and healthy, but it would be nice to tack some goals on there too! I wish you all a year full of love and success, lang may yer lum reek!

Love, Amii



  1. Happy New Year lovely! <3 I picked up some lovely S&G bits in the sale, it's my go-to post Christmas purchase (along with some Lush bits this year!) hope you had a great Xmas too xxx

  2. Happy New Year! You've got some great beauty items over the Christmas season!


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